VA Withholding Information from Congress and the American People

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The VA, once held up to be the best of the best for medical care by advocates of single-payer health care, has been killing veterans so administrators can get bonuses and they’ve been consistently withholding information from Congressional oversight and from the American people.

The specific report in question was withheld from Congress, and the VA has a real attitude about it.

“The [Office of the Inspector General] does many types of reports. Some are administrative,” while “some are published reports.”

“We had some conversations up on the Hill with congressmen about why we did what we did.”

[Catherine] Gromek [a congressional relations officer at the inspector general’s office] told this reporter that “it gets under my skin” when she sees a question in her inbox asking why her office concealed a report instead of simply asking for a statement.

“It’s too long,” Gromek said, explaining that her answer to my question was complicated and that she expected TheDC was “just going to take the blurb” that “we did not hide any reports from Congress.” Gromek said she could type out a statement that would “make it seem like I went to college.”

Here at the Curmudgeon we wonder what else they’re not telling us.  And, while we’re at it, why hasn’t the former head of the VA hospital in Phoenix where 40 veterans gave their lives so Sharon Helman could get a performance bonus been arrested for murder?


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