I Usually Do Not Talk About God Out Here

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Just so you do not get confused; I spent seven years homeless in the South. Then I came off for a couple of years, then when over to Portland as an observer participator of two years. I tell stories from my life now and from various times on the streets. The following is from my time in Portland.

I met a heroine junkie the other morning while selling Street Roots; he was hung-over and smelled of piss. I was singing and cracking jokes as people passed by; he asked me how I could be so happy. I told him I loved God very much.

He was in his mid to late twenties and a good dresser, wearing a very nice tweed jacket and wool ball cap.

I usually do not talk about God out here, and I was surprised to find a little defensiveness rise up in me, not because of anything he said or did, but because I guess God seems under attack in our society, that if you believe, you are best naive.

The guy said he believed too, but things were not working out for him. He was a handsome, charming guy I could see him easily working in the fashion or entertainment industry if he ever gets his shit together.

Missing Man Photograph

He wandered off to flirt with a couple of very cute black girls. When he came back he brags he could have gotten both of them to smoke crack with him.

Then he said, “Oh man I should not have said that after we talked about God, now I feel like shit.”

I could tell by the look on his face he was really starting to punish himself.

I told him to be easy on himself and God loved him no matter what, then I laid a couple of Hobo Metaphysics on him, including: It is not who you are or what you are, but only that you are. It surprised me that this really touched him and he started to cry. I gave him a big hug and he was on his way.



Christ warned about doing good deeds in order to have other people seeing you do good deeds, but I am of the opinion, it is a good start.

I was sitting with this street urchin of a girl in the park blocks writing poetry. This older guy ambles up and says, “You two are beautiful.” We say thank you. He then says, “I am drunk.” I answer, “Nothing wrong with that.” He says, “The whole world is full of horse manure except for Jesus,” and ambles off, leaving us laughing pretty good.                                    ~

I was feeling sorry for myself the other day so God sent the devil to talk to me. The devil was full of puss and all sorts of nastiness, hellish flames coming out of everywhere, and he says, “Cheer up you could be me.” I thought about it and cheered up.

A lot of folks say God is the one judge, now I tend to doubt God judges at all. My inclination is, well it is more than an inclination; God is forgiveness

There is a Slight Difference


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