True Conservatives Love Mia Love

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What a bunch of ungrateful, narrow-minded, and self-righteous people I see criticizing Mia Love.

I’m sure they’d rather see all the beautiful woman in congress voting like Nancy Pelosi, completely lacking the ability to even comprehend a conservative’s point of view, let alone vote with them every now and then.

Being a conservative doesn’t mean subscribing to the same set of opinions on pet issues that a certain group of conservatives do. Those same issues will be passé soon, and these so-called conservatives will wait until new pet issues are adopted and marching orders are distributed along with prepackaged thought processes that must be adhered to.

conservativeA conservative is someone who believes that the proper role of government is tethered to the original dilemma of governance, which is the inverse relationship and the equal demand for both freedom and order. He/she values and conserves the lessons learned throughout the history of the debate over this dilemma.

Modern conservatives have realized that it is wise to use the power of government sparingly and only when necessary – you could say conservatively. Progressive’s on the other hand believe there are other just as important, or even more important, decision points competing against either freedom or order, or both, when deciding the proper role of government in a case.

It follows that in their paradigm the force of government is much more likely to be utilized. You could say that they are willing to use the power of government liberally. Neither of these viewpoints dictates how a person views the world and the problems at hand further than their opinion of the proper role of government. A conservative can be pro-amnesty and a progressive can be pro-life.

A conservative, typically willing to err on the side of freedom, theoretically could be both pro-amnesty and pro-choice, possibly electing to keep the government’s voice silent on issues The Constitution isn’t explicitly clear on. Saying you’re a conservative doesn’t mean you hold any particular set of opinions on today’s issues, it just tells someone else about the parameters within which you solve these issues and form your opinions.

I respect Mia Love’s opinion and I’m willing to bet she’s at least a smidgen smarter than I am, has access to a lot more data, and has more than one battle to fight throughout the rest of her career as a policy maker. She might not always cast the vote that I would if I could from my armchair, but she’s willing to try to understand my point of view, which is more than I can say for just about every Democrat and a heck of a lot of Republicans.

conservative_mousepad-p144425665210427410trak_400She’s a conservative, but she’s not me, or you. If you’re a conservative, you should be thankful that Doug Owens didn’t win, because that would be an automatic vote against you every time, not just every once in a while.

I hate to ever bring race into a conversation unless it’s necessary, but when I hear blind hacks like Elijah Cummings and Sheila Jackson Lee speaking, I’m reminded that while most of us want what’s best for the people of this nation, there’s a wide range of beliefs about what that means and how to accomplish it.


In the last House of Representatives there was not a single African American that wasn’t a Democrat. While Democrats would love for you to believe that’s because only Democrats are willing to trust African Americans to participate in policy making, the truth is that in 2012 although only 16% of African Americans nationwide considered themselves Republican, 44% considered themselves to have a moderate political viewpoint, and only 28% considered themselves liberal in their political views. However, 93% of them voted for the Democratic candidate.

The implications are so obvious that subsequently a small business owner named Dave Wilson, a white man who was running a long shot campaign to oust Bruce Austin, an African American incumbant of 24 years and then Chairman of the Board, was able to use it to his advantage to win a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. Wilson won the election by only 26 votes, but most incredibly he won in a heavily African-American community where he advertised his opinions, but never revealed to potential voters that he was not African American.

He didn’t include photos of himself on his website or flyers. He was basically asking to be judged on the content of his character, not by the color of his skin. Turns out, the voters preferred his message, though there was outrage when it was revealed he was white. Both men professed to be concerned about the state of education in the community, but instead of acknowledging the conundrum and offering to make his help available if needed, Wilson’s opponent said, “He never put out to voters that he was white. The problem is his picture was not in the League of Voters (pamphlet) or anywhere. This is one of the few times a white guy has pretended to be a black guy and fooled black people.”

The problem is that African Americans are under extreme pressure to vote for African Americans and the super majority of African American candidates are Democrats. In “Anti-Semitism In America” authors Harold E. Quinley and Charles Y. Glock refer to a “natural tendency for the victims of persecution to band together” and the Democrats have taken advantage of this phenomenon with the expertise that only the perpetrators of such persecution could possess.

They were defeated in battle, so they turned to the legislature where they were also handed regular thrashings, failing to prevent the 13th, 14th, and 15th ammendments from becoming law, and although JFK and ultimately Lyndon Johnson are given credit for the Civil Rights Act of 1963, as senators they were both against the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

From the pre-Civil War days until the early 1960’s Democrats attempted to supress African Americans overtly and by force. It wasn’t until their hatred for African Americans came as close to destorying their party as it did to destroying this country that they were compelled to change tactics. They’d been studying African Americans obsessively for centuries and they had the kind of intimite knowledge necessary to continue to strive covertly to keep them supressed right up to this very day. They commandeered the identity of African Americans by reinforcing the idea that the color of their skin is their defining characteristic when they began creating avenues for African Americans to use their race to their advantage.

They deflected the expected outrage from other Americans over the blatant racial favoritism being institutionalized by their government back onto African Americans and labeled it racism. In a zero sum game anyone would become indignant if their efforts were diminished by a powerful, supposedly nuetral party subsidising only the efforts of competitors. Likewise, it’s completely understandable why, especially given the back-story of their oppression in this country and the pervasive proverty that was still prevalant as a result, African Americans weren’t as willing as they would be in your wildest hopes to decline the offer. With African Americans reduced to a color, Democrats control that color, deciding who is “black” and who isn’t. Sometimes they’ll deem someone to be “not black enough”, or they have other names for people who they claim have renounced their “blackness”.

This has the equivalent effect of being shunned in an Old Order Amish community, and Democrats use this threat, along with a constant barrage of propoganda messages delivered by African Americans who are so highly paid you couldn’t get them to rock the boat if it was full of snakes, to censor the speech of African Americans ensuring that any message coming from them is either rearrangements of worthless drivel preapproved by the Democrat party or the rantings of race traders, self-loathing lunatics, “uppidy _____” or if there’s something convenient from their past, or even someone willing to proport such a claim, they can go from “loved and respected” to rapist, crackhead, or any number of nasty things faster than Sandra Fluke can put a condom on a cucumber.

There are African Americans who are brave enough to put history, and their often well-founded fears, behind them and live in this new world that we’ve created in spite of the efforts of Democrats, and they’re telling Democrats, regarding the identity that they’re holding hostage, that they can keep it. Raven Simone is someone that I know almost nothing about except that there was a collective gasp heard ’round the world when she publically denounced on the Oprah Winfrey show the notion that anyone could define her as a color or as a member of a race and that her birthright as an American trumps all other claims. That took a lot of courage in 2014. Hopefully in the future we’ll finally all be free to think and speak whatever we know is right.

You couldn’t be blamed if you hung out in the House of Representatives over the last few years and came to the conclusion that African Americans were communists. I happen to know it’s not true, since I know that plenty of them reject that nonsense, but I really think it’s refreshing to see such a pretty, young woman in congress who at the very least would be willing to consider ideas that weren’t straight out of Mao’s Little Red Book.

Even better, tested not by her opinions on pet issues, but rather by the logic and principles she relies on to form her opinions, she’s a real conservative, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of people who claim to be conservatives. Mia Love is a bold and proud woman and I’m very grateful for her presence in congress.

The reality is that African Americans have a strong tendency to vote for other African Americans, and even though that is a rediculous way to chose a candidate for public office, at least there’s some hope that not only will other African Americans seeking public office be encouraged to step outside without their “blackness”, but for the first time the racist demogogory of Democrats in the House of Representatives will be challenged by a beautiful woman. (Whoopi Goldberg already clarified that if you’re not “black” you can’t help with racism. On live televistion she was issued the challenge: “You don’t need to be black to know what racism is”, to which Goldberg simply said, “Yes you do.”)

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