What A Third Of Male University Students Said They Do To A Woman Is Both Shocking And Sick

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There’s no doubt that both the current and future generations of men entering adulthood are screwed up in the head, but man, things are even worse than we probably thought.

A recent survey was conducted asking whether or not college aged males would rape a woman if they could get away with it without any negative consequences.

A third of those men who were asked said yes, they would definitely commit this vile act if they knew for a fact they wouldn’t get caught.

Sick and disturbing, right?

Unfortunately, the solution liberals have cooked up to solve this problem is beyond pathetic.

From The Daily Mail:

A third of male students questioned in a survey admitted they would rape a woman if they could get away with it.

The study found that 31.7 per cent of the mostly white American participants questioned admitted they would force a woman to have sex in a ‘consequence-free situation’.

But when asked specifically whether they would ‘rape’ a woman in a consequence-free situation, only 13.6 per cent of the male participants said they would.

The findings suggested that many of those who admitted they would commit rape did not recognise their actions as such, the Independent reports.

‘Some men will endorse items asking whether they have used force to obtain intercourse, but will deny having raped a woman,’ wrote the authors of the study, which has been published in the scientific journal Violence and Gender.

The gap in the proportion of people who did not consider their actions as ‘rape’ and those who would endorse the use of coercion could have implications for sexual education programs, the authors of the report said.

The last thing these dudes need is another sex ed class.

What they really need is to be taught the difference between right and wrong. Look at how much our society glorifies turning women into mindless sex objects.

How in the world is a young man growing up in this world supposed to want to treat a woman with respect when television, movies, and popular culture make light of sex and constantly create programming with girls who gladly parade themselves half-naked on both stage and screen?

If a woman has no respect for herself, how is a man supposed to respect her?

Feminist scream their lungs out about “rape culture,” meanwhile celebrating their nakedness and “sexual liberty,” fully expecting dudes not to get the wrong idea.

It’s insanity.

Now, obviously, I’m not saying this madness is the fault of women. Many women in today’s culture aren’t really helping, but it’s certainly not their fault.

A big part of the problem lies with the fact parents–particularly dads–aren’t spending enough time instilling values into the lives of their children. We’re too busy watching hours of porn, playing video games, or ignoring our families and responsibilities altogether.

Instead, we should be demonstrating how to respect and treat a woman by showing her proper levels of affection in front of our sons, demonstrating firm leadership, yet tender care and romance.

We should be treating our wives like pieces of fine china, beautifully constructed works of art so delicate to the touch one slip could shatter them to pieces.

People treat works of art–which they believe to be of high value–with care and gentleness. A painting or a sculpture is worthless compared to the value of a woman, so how much more care and kindness should we be showing the fairer sex?

Fathers should be spending one-on-one time with their boys, taking every opportunity they’re given to teach and instruct them in right and wrong, particularly when it comes to women.

As a culture, we need to acknowledge the progressive junk being force fed to our boys–and girls–in public school are failing and producing a violent, self-obsessed generation who feel they are “entitled” to whatever their heart desires.

It’s time to turn back to the founding principles–which happen to be based on universal principles of morality found in the Good Book–and start teaching them to our kids the moment they pop out of the womb.

Raising a generation of boys to understand and follow these principles, by both teaching them and regularly living them out in front of their eyes, is the only way we can reverse this disgusting trend.

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