The 2016 Primary Season is Here

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The primary cycle is unfortunately upon us.  Running for President is at least a two year public cycle and it’s, since the Superbowl is this Sunday, kicked off.

To extend the analogy, some of our candidates appear to be well funded but also seem to be playing with deflated balls.  Some of them are also real long shots like the Colts or the Seahawks.  On the other side, at this point anyway, their team seems to be playing with no balls.

We’re featuring some of the speeches from the Freedom Summit 2016 held in Iowa last week.  We started off with Sarah Palin‘s speech and today we’re featuring Ted Cruz.  We want to highlight this new ad released by a pro-Scott Walker PAC.  We don’t know if Walker is in, but if he is, he’s going to be one heck of a fighter.

After a long line of Ivy League Presidents we think it would be a real breath of fresh air to have a President who dropped out of college.

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