Teed Up in 2015: ObamaCare

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Up to now we haven’t really seen the big impact of ObamaCare on the American people.  But we’re about to start seeing the pain passed around to almost everyone.  Here’s what’s about to happen.

Employer mandate goes into effect

After years of delays, businesses with at least 100 employees will be forced to offer insurance for the first time in 2015.

Don’t be surprised when businesses start holding their payroll to 99 employees.  This will hurt expansion of small business, and that’s where real job growth comes.

Fines levied for individual mandate

Most Americans have been required to have health insurance since January 2014, but the financial penalties for those who ignored the mandate will only go into effect during tax season this spring.

Each person without insurance will pay $95 or 1 percent of their income, whichever is higher.

One of the side benefits for Democrats is that ObamaCare has led to a vast expansion of the IRS and the data collectors in government.  You’re going to have to declare on your 1040 that you have insurance coverage.  The $95 fine this year is no big deal, but it grows dramatically and will soon become a big deal.

The bigger problem is that ObamaCare gives the government ninnies access to your medical records.  If your doctor routinely asks you if you own a gun, the correct answer is “no.”

Primary care doctors face pay cut

Family doctors who treat Medicaid patients will see steep drops in payments from the federal government that could make it tougher for millions of low-income people to find care.

Reimbursements from Medicaid will shrink an average of 43 percent starting in January, when the federal government’s temporary raise for primary care doctors is set to expire.

ObamaCare added 10 million people to Medicaid.  They now have “insurance.”  Good luck finding a doctor.  You can expect to see doctors fleeing from Medicaid programs in droves.  They won’t provide service at a cost that doesn’t cover their overhead, but Democrats, especially Democrats who’ve never held a real job, can’t fathom that.

Look for renewed cries to “tax the rich.”

Medicare doctors fined for not using e-records

More than 270,000 doctors and 200 hospitals nationwide will see funding cuts from Medicare next year for failing to meet new government requirements for electronic medical records.

The Obama administration has sought to encourage “meaningful use” of e-records and e-prescribing systems to make healthcare providers more efficient and cut down on communication errors that can harm patients.

But the effort has come under fire from some providers who say patients are harmed by the cuts to their reimbursement rates. The cuts will increase to 3 percent within three years.

Electronic medical records have been increasingly adopted by healthcare providers across the country, though the steep investment costs – about $165,000 for an average five-person practice in the first year – continue to be a burden.

So, you like your Medicare?  See comments above on Medicaid.  Keep in mind that the socialists at AARP were behind ObamaCare 1000% and their cry is consistently that we must “save” Medicare.  ObamaCare will likely be the first step to killing it.  Just like with Medicaid, “insurance” does you no good when you can’t find a provider who will accept it.

CHIP funding set to expire

A 27-year program that has helped millions of children gain insurance is set to end next year without new steps from Congress.

Under ObamaCare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, is reauthorized until 2019 but only funded through September of next year.

It’s for the kids.  Right.

It’s good that the pain is being spread around and will now be targeting the middle class even more.  After all, 2016 is on the way.

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