Tavis Smiley: I’ve never heard the president say he loves black people

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Why would Barack Obama say he loves black people? Nothing he’s ever done has benefited blacks or their families. Policies have doubled the wealth inequality gap between whites and blacks during the president’s term in office. Black unemployment is sky-high.

Tavis Smiley had Cornell West on his radio show Sunday to discuss a speech chief of staff Valerie Jarrett delivered to the National Association of Black Journalists Convention last month, where Jarrett talked about Obama’s “genuine love for black people.”

jarret obamaSmiley wasn’t thrilled that Obama would send her and Joe Biden, instead of attending himself.

“What’s fascinating about that to me, a few things: number one, that I’ve never heard the president say that,” Smiley said. “So, to send a surrogate out to tell people that he really loves you is fascinating for me if the president himself doesn’t tell you that I love you. You know that’s like me sending you to tell my momma that I love her.”

Have a listen:

Cornel West makes a fool of himself if you ask me, when he says; “You know I think anytime you have genuine love though, brother, you usually you don’t even have to say it because your record already shows it.

President Obama’s record shows zero love for blacks, only a willingness to use them in his divisiveness. I’ll never understand what it’s like to be black, but I’ll also never understand why blacks would support the Democrat Party. It’s maddening..

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Ask yourself: What does Obama’s push for amnesty do for blacks? What does ending the work requirement in welfare reform do for blacks? What does quantitative easing do for blacks?


Okay, the skin color thing trumps all – but why vote for another Democrat? Slavery, the KKK, Separate, but Equal, Jim Crow and now the contemporary welfare system which has destroyed black families and done nothing but perpetuate negative, inferior stereotypes and mind-sets on generations of blacks.

It’s pathetic. Don’t tell me conservatives are bigoted when you vote for the enemy of black people: The Democrat Party is and always will be.

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