Super Bowl Ad: Nugent Teams With ‘the Next Kate Upton’

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The Super Bowl ads are starting already and Carl’s Jr is at it again…

Nugent said on his Facebook page:

When a fine young aspiring model calls me to personally request the use of my song STRANGLEHOLD, the ultimate sexgrind lovesong, in her Carls Jr SUperBowl ad, how could I possibly turn down the young thang. Let er rip little lady. Let er rip!

The website says:

The burger chain is known for raising eyebrows in their ads, and its latest commercial — featuring an apparently nude Charlotte McKinney — who’s been lauded as “the next Kate Upton” lately — on an eye-catching stroll through a farmer’s market — is no different.

So what do you think, will this one make to air,

or will it be banned like this one featuring “the Real Kate Upton?”

Which one do you like better?  For me, I like “the Real Kate Upton” but would much rather have Uncle Ted providing the tunes!

And FWIW, “the Unofficial Kate Upton” has weighed in the new ad too!


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