Smile on Your Brother, Don’t Occupy Him

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When I was living on the streets of Portland, Occupy Wall Street had a big march and then took over a couple of blocks worth of parks for two or three weeks.

You could feel the authentic anger at the bankers and politicians who they felt were hoarding the wealth through stealth and marginalizing American lives. I was touched by their passion.

It was organized by a bunch of very smart young people with a libertarian bend and a willingness to practice democracy. Unfortunately there were some darker elements involved, mostly young men into anarchy and drugs, they in my mind, brought the movement down with their shenanigans.

constitutional conventionI have a personal story to tell about that at a later time.

At any rate Joe wrote an article the other day wondering if it may be time for a third party. I was a Ron Paul guy in the last election, it broke my heart to see him shut down by the main stream media. I even attended a couple of his rallies at the University of Idaho. They were well attended by both the working class and a younger generation and both  having a big distrust of  today’s government.


Now in those two groups  I see a potential coalition that could hand the government back over to the people and take it out of the hands of the glad-handing, self serving bunch of elitists running it now.

The media and politicians are crafty devils and seem to enjoy keeping people worked up over social issues. So by the time an election rolls around people are too confused to vote their hearts, and we end up with the same old rat pack be it  Democrats or a Republicans.

“It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are a thousand Gods or no God, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” That is Thomas Jefferson and it makes a hell of a lot of sense.

I am family oriented and live fairly conservatively, but I also say, like Jefferson, live and let live. Lots of folks out there have very different ideas about how to live their lives and that is the beauty of America you get to live as you choose. But folks from all walks of life understand the government is far too big and far too intrusive to serve anybody but the rich and the slick.

Who cares if you are a gender bending, long haired, pot smoking libertarian from the west coast, or a conservative Christian Tea Party member from mid-west. Lets get together and take the powerful out of power and replace them with people who have read the Constitution and believe it is sacred.

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