Is This Setting The Stage For A Third Party?

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My question to you is does the current political situation we find ourselves in set the stage for a Third Party?

I don’t know what has happened just yet with John Boehner and the Speaker of the House vote, but I do know that Boehner is now the prevailing country-club Republican who stands for nothing. And that’s what conservatives have been getting out of the GOP majority House of Representatives since 2010: Nothing.

Boehner dopey pic
Orange is the new Black, baby.

I’m disgusted with the fact that Barack Obama was actually elected. Twice?

It wasn’t enough when he told me to my face and the world that he was going to spread the wealth around – we just had to see it for ourselves? Twice? When it comes to 2016 I know what I’m looking for and it’s not necessarity a Third Party.

I’d rather have a conservative Republican nominee like Reagan to just landslide their butts like we did in 2010 and 2014 and my solution is to find a guy and stick with him. What I mean by that is we need to get a candidate who not only reflects our values – but can win. Then no one will need a Third Party.. yet. But how?

What it comes down to is “what do I like about him?”

Let’s take Mike Huckabee: If he runs, what do I like about him?


There’s some obvious things I don’t like about him – he doesn’t seem to know where he stands on Common Core, for instance.

He keeps changing his mind, he’s for it, he doesn’t like it – change the name – I don’t like it.. But as a whole he might be your guy or my guy because he’s so strongly behind the FAIR Tax

You have to balance out the fact that no candidate is going to be the perfect candidate and what’s most important – we can deal with Common Core at the State level, but how good would it be for America if a FAIR tax was passed?

In other words, the good more than weighs out the unsure. I do know that Mike is a great guy – and yes, I don’t agree with him on everything – but can he win?

Everybody is coming out against Jeb Bush, and rightly so, but if Jeb Bush is the nominee, is he preferable to the Democrat nominee? Hillary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren?

“I’m gonna cut taxes, eliminate the Dept’s of Education and Energy, cut spending, get rid of the IRS, EPA, NSA and put unicorns on the Endangered Species List.. Yep.”

Here’s my advice to everyone: Find out what you cannot agree with about Jeb Bush and ask yourself: Does it outweigh what you like about him?

He’s going to have a lot of money and support – the RNC is going to back him and that means funding – a lot of it.

Will the Tea Party go to war against them and not back him?


And that begs the question: Is this the perfect time for a Third Party? We’ll be battling the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment so it will be twice the war chest we normally go up against. But I can say with a lot of confidence that Speaker Boehner or no Speaker Boehner – we have the momentum.

Now what are we going to do with it? What we did in 2012? We better not..

That’s why we gotta pick our guy and stick with him…

I like Mike Huckabee – he’s a really solid guy, I’ve met him many times – he’s a decent man who loves fishing and as a person, he’s really cool. This isn’t an endorsement, I’m just using Mike as an example because he’s quit his show at Fox, probably to run.

Get your votes in ma belly!

Before you begin accusing me of endorsing anyone – I’m not. Just know we can ask that about all the candidates, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Rand Paul – any of them.

Where are they on immigration? National Security? Common Core? Jelly doughnuts? Will he be able to take action when necessary? Is he your guy? Will he make wise decisions?

What do you disagree with them on?

A lot of folks are looking to former Tea Party candidate Ted cruz – but one thing I’ve noticed about Ted Cruz is that he doesn’t invoke the phrase “Tea Party” any longer. Why?

Maybe he’s positioning himself for a national run, maybe he feels the brand is tarnished – I don’t know.

Tea? No thanks, coffee please..

Maybe it’s smart, calculating – but do you still trust him? A lot of things he’s done we all like – but he’s not perfect – no one is.

So here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to take on the RNC and we’re going to take on the DNC – and we’re gonna find that guy. And if your guy doesn’t make it – you can’t sit home – you have to coalesce behind whoever is running against Elizabeth Warren or Hillary or … Joe Biden?

Let’s say Jeb Bush wins? Are you going to sit home because your guy didn’t make it? That’s why Barak Obama was re-elected. Too many conservatives took their ball and bat and went home because Newt, Santorum, Rick Perry or Herman Cain wasn’t the nominee.

Happy? I’m not. Pick a guy and let’s everybody stick with it. Logic tells you that.

And we have to do it soon. All the badmouthing Republicans do in the primary sets the stage for the well-funded “moderate” like Romney or Jeb Bush to hang back and win it (then get their asses kicked by the Democrat nominee).

Senators Discuss Balanced Budget Amendment
Not a single person in the room has mentioned the hair… fooled ’em again!

I doubt the Republican establishment is going to change the primary season in any way – because it favors their guy, so we have to get behind somebody and we have to do it as quickly as possible. Believe me, the Dems will rally behind whatever Maoist Wannabee they throw out there this time.

And you can bet Democrats will be laughing at us, tearing each other up and ending up with milquetoast. But…

If the establishment candidate prevails – does it set the stage for that Third Party? We better figure that out because it will hurt the GOP in the short run just like it got Bill Clinton elected in the 90’s. But how long are we going to put up with these Republicans rubber-stamping everything Barack Obama or any future president does?

I repeat – you can’t sit home. Do you want Hillary, Warren or Biden?

To answer the question: Have the GOP establishment set the stage for a Third Party? There are a lot of voters out there who want to vote Republican – many of whom are Democrats – who no longer feel connected to an ever-far-left reaching party that looks more and more like the Socialist Party.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit

There’s an equal amount of conservatives fed up with crony-Capitalism and the well-connected getting bailed out and the Middle-class getting the shaft. Plenty of folks who were Democrats changed when the DNC lost their minds and now the Republicans have lost their minds.

They promise the base everything, but go along with Big Government mentality when they legislate. My conservative ideals transcend Party identification and I know for a fact there’s plenty of Democrats and Republicans alike who agree with me. More than a few Democrats share my conservative belief in smaller, honest government. Capitalism, individual Liberty.

When I was running for Congress it was in a Democrat majority District and I spoke to thousands of Democrats who agreed with me way more than disagreed – once we got to talking, that is.

But we’re not going to find the perfect candidate, so find you’re guy and stick to him. Or else a Third Party is in the making… Which wouldn’t be bad in the long run.

At least you could feel good when you pull that lever.

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