Selma: The Tea Party of Their Day

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Did you see “Selma” the movie? If you have or when you do, watch Oprah’s character in her opening scene and ask yourself if she’s not in fact, fighting for her Constitutional and Civil Rights? Are the activists and marchers regular folk who feel put-upon by a powerful centralized government, intent on denying them their God-given Rights?

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Where’s Al Sharpton when you need him?

They’re sick and tired of taking it and now they’re doing something about it – invoking God as an important part of their quest and movement. Sound familiar?

I’m not saying the film is 100% historically accurate, so put that aside for now (please?) – but to my utter surprise they did depict LBJ as the bigot he was.

The historical fact is that LBJ did everything he could to block Civil Rights until it became advantageous to him politically. He HATED black people.

Yes, your “progressive” hero was a bad, bad, dude who continued down the long path of Democrats enslaving and marginalizing blacks in America with his Great Society. If you’re not sure of his true intentions, listen to his own words…


Do I have to repeat what he says about him having a certain group voting Democrat for a long while? Look it up – they got this thing called; “Google” now. Or just look over there to the left.. <—

In case you live under a pile of leaves, the film “Selma,” tells the story of MLK Jr.’s march in Selma, Alabama, which contributed greatly to passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. A majority of Republicans voted for it, a majority of Democrats did not. So you can suck on that, “progressives”.

I’m talking to you white liberals who are still kneeling at the feet of racists such as Lyndon Baines Johnson.

While we’re on the subject – this bears repeating for the millionth time: The KKK, slavery, Separate but Equal, Jim Crow and now, the contemporary welfare system are all “progressive” liberal Democrat ideas and movements. LBJ was one big-ass cog in that craptastic wheel of misfortune and I’m thrilled that Hollywood at least acknowledges it here in this important film about Civil Rights.

However, because of this accuracy regarding one of the left’s gods, the backlash on “Selma” is hurting box office and there’s snubbing at Award Shows already with The Golden Globes throwing them only a “Best Song” bone. As far as I’m concerned that’s sort of like when you leave a waiter a one-dollar tip, to let them know how much you disliked them – rather than stiffing them altogether and allowing them to think you maybe just forgot.

That’s a snub, although you do have a songwriter who is thrilled to no end.. but you think Oprah gives a crap?

As for the historical film debate about biopic feature film historical accuracy – forget it – it’s a movie, not a documentary or text book. It ain’t gonna be accurate – it’s going to be dramatic and therefore filled with dramatic license. Oliver Stone’s “JFK” was an awesomely entertaining movie, but anyone who thought it was accurate is not paying much attention. Whole bunch of people not paying attention these days though.

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But back to folks fighting for their rights: In addition to “progressives” being in denial about the Democrat Party and racial political history in America, here’s something else to force steam out of their ears: The marchers in Selma – be they blacks or white Republicans – were the Tea Party activists of their day.

A true grassroots uprising with a yearning for freedom, liberty and limited government such as; “Leave us the hell alone”; “I have Rights” and “Quit regulating us, you bunch of race-baiting overlords.”

Sounds quite different than today’s progressives who only want more and more centralized, Federal power coming out of Washington, with hundreds and thousands of new regulations and legislation annually on what we can do or say or what doctor we can visit.

They’ll never be honest about the motivations of those marching at Selma, but at least this film sheds some light on it for the casual viewer. But at what cost to the filmmakers themselves?

Director Ava DuVernay has sinned in LeftistLand and the only question now is how bad her and Executive Producer Oprah will pay for telling a little truth? No Oscars? No praise from their Hollywood peers? No Return on Investment?

… As Chico Marx used to say: “At’sa no good..”

The great news is they won’t pay as dearly as MLK Jr. did, but they both can sleep easy knowing they’ve done a decent job paying tribute to the man who helped clear the way for them to do it at all.

And in conclusion: If you can relax on the “IT’S NOT ACCURATE” thing a little – it’s a good movie. I don’t think Moses wore a wig over his toupee – that’s all I’m sayin’ here. Enjoy yourself for once – then friend me on Facebook and the screaming can go back to regular levels.

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