Russians Have Racist Names for President Obama: You Won’t Believe What Else!

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Relations between Russians and the US have sunk lower than whale crap and the Russian people have it out for Barack Obama and his ethnicity!

They despise Barack Obama mostly because he’s black, use the American flag as doormats and they don’t think too much of spokesperson for the US Department of State, Jen Psaki – by Rodney Lee Conover

Secretary Of State Kerry Holds Joint News Conference With EU High Representative Lady Catherine AshtonThere’s even an anti-fan club just for Ms. Psaki and how stupid Russians believe she is. Anti-American sentiment has grown exponentially in the era of Obama and it doesn’t look to get better anytime soon..

If you talk to a Russian they’ll tell you there is a country in North America – “Pindosia” or, more officially, ‘United States of Pindostan.” The citizens of this country in plural form are called ‘pindoses,’ in singular—‘pindos.’ The word ‘pindos’ in Russian is highly offensive, and defines a helpless creature that is a product of a very bad educational system.

Hat tip New York Observer:

Today, this country has a black President, and the Russians have a nickname for him too. He is called Maximka—after a character from a popular Soviet movie, made in 1952, which told the story of a black boy saved by the Russian sailors from the cruelty of the vicious American slave-traders who were terribly abusing him and calling him just that—“Boy.” In the film, the saved boy was fed well by the Russian crew, given the name Maximka, and became one of their own in the end.

The Russians have had their favorite, most-hated pindoses in the past as well. One of them, the constant laughingstock in the media, used to be the US Ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul.

Today his place has been taken by the spokesperson for the US Department of State, Jen Psaki. She has an anti-fan club of haters who consider her not to be very bright—they even invented their own anti-IQ unit called 1 Psaki. One who has 3 Psakis has a brain of a clam. The term ‘psaking’ in Russian political newspeak means to know nothing about the subject while saying something banal and politically correct.

Another hated ‘pindos’ is Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), famous in Russia for his periodic tweets to ‘Dear Vlad.’ In 2011, for example, Mr. McCain tweeted Putin, “Dear Vlad, The #ArabSpring is coming to a neighborhood near you.”

Vladimir Putin, from his side, during his most recent press conference, used the occasion to show his negative attitude toward one of America ’s most popular products. Answering a question about Russian drink Kvass, he said, “I don’t know how harmful Coca-Cola is, but a lot of specialists say that it is, especially for children. I don’t want to offend Coca-Cola, but we have our own national non-alcoholic beverages, and we shall help them to win our stores’ shelves.”

75% of Russians do not believe that their country is responsible for the events in Ukraine. On the contrary, they blame the US.

Read the entire article HERE:

Sadly Russia is a joke, a third world country with Nuclear weapons. Without nuclear weapons Russia would be a partially frozen backwater. The Russia people went from being a brainwashed, enslaved group of alcoholics to a free people, who would have benefited greatly from the oil and gas which is in their country to a re-enslaved nation, enslaved this time by a criminal enterprise run by former and not so former KGB agents.

The only way out for the Russian people is a violent revolution to overthrow the current Communist/ Criminal oligarchy. Good luck Russian people, you’re going to need it, I pray you are again freed someday.
— John Curry

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Putin’s Smartest Play? Blame the USA

When Vladimir Putin first took power in Russia, no one believed he would survive more than a few months in the Kremlin. But ‘Putinism’ – a mix of authoritarian rule and economic prosperity based on vast oil and natural gas reserves – has kept its namesake popular and in power for 15 years. However, the Russian president now faces another major economic crisis that, left unresolved, could threaten his hold on power.

This time, the planets are not aligning behind the Russian leader. In a defense of Russia’s defiance of NATO and the West during his annual live televised news conference on Dec. 18, Putin said, “There are American bases all over the world and you’re trying to say that we’re being aggressive.

Our budget is $50 billion, the Pentagon’s is 10 times higher.”

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