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Rush Limbaugh Got It Wrong Big Time


During the final hour on Thursday January 21, Rush began his monologue on climate change He did not just make a minor error, but he did not tell the complete story about two additional votes that were taken. The following is what Rush said.


RUSH: Now, I have to share with you, folks: I’m like many of you. When I saw yesterday, last night, that the Senate voted 98-1 to essentially accept the notion and affirm the idea that climate change is real, I about flipped my gourd. It’s 98-1? I found out the one vote against it was James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

Which would make perfect sense, because he does have his head on straight about global warming. But Ted Cruz, all these guys that we talk about? What’s the deal here? So I had to come in and investigate this, and The Politico take on this is somewhat interesting. The reason I cite The Politico is, remember, The Politico I have deduced is the go-to inside-the-Beltway publication for Republican establishment leaks.

If the Republican establishment is gonna leak and if they want to get some news out, I have discovered The Politico is where they go. So that’s where I went, and, lo and behold, I found a story. It says here, “Republicans Outfox Democrats on Climate Votes.” I said, “Really? When’s the last time this happened? When’s the last time the Republicans outfoxed the Democrats on anything?”

So apparently, the Democrats tried to run a scheme on Republicans to get them to agree with the premise that global warming is man-made and that there needs to be government action to stop it.

The Republicans said, “Yeah, we’ll agree with you that the climate’s changing,” and then they stopped there. But when I read the original report, it didn’t have this clarification in it. So I wonder how many average, ordinary, everyday consumers of news think the Republicans have changed their mind on global warming and now bought into it? Because the news that it was not that, that it was the Republicans agreeing, “Ah, the climate’s changing,” which it is. I mean, you’d be a fool to disagree with that. It’s always changing.

But they didn’t agree with the premise that it’s man-made, that it’s man causing it. So there wasn’t any vast abandonment of anything on the part of Republicans.

Rush is wrong about the one vote against it was James Inhofe of Oklahoma. The one vote against it was Roger Wicker of Mississippi. The following is a transcript from the congressional record of the Senate session.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under the previous order, there will be 2 minutes of debate equally divided prior to a vote in relation to amendment No. 29, offered by the Senator from Rhode Island, Mr. Whitehouse.

The Senator from Rhode Island.

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. Colleagues, I almost hate to use my minute because I am so eager to hear what will be said during the minute when our energy chairman will follow me, but I am hoping that after many years of darkness and blockade, this vote will be a first little beam of light through the wall that will allow us to at least start having an honest conversation about what carbon pollution is doing to our climate and to our oceans. This is a matter of vital consequence to my home State, the Ocean State, my home, Rhode Island, and to many of yours as well.

I hope this is a place where we can get together and have a strong, positive vote that sends a signal that this Senate, at this time in history, is ready to deal with reality.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Alaska.

Ms. MURKOWSKI. I yield 1 minute on our side to the Senator from Oklahoma.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Oklahoma.

Mr. INHOFE. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that I be added as a cosponsor to the Whitehouse amendment.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered.

Mr. INHOFE. Climate is changing. Climate has always changed, and it always will. There is archaeological evidence of that, there is biblical evidence, and there is historical evidence. It will always change. The hoax is that there are some people who are so arrogant, who think that they are so powerful that they can change the climate. Man can’t change the climate.

I ask my colleagues to vote for the Whitehouse-Inhofe amendment.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Rhode Island.

Mr. WHITEHOUSE. In the time remaining, I recognize and thank the cosponsors on my side of the aisle, Senator Sanders, Senator Manchin, and Senator Leahy. Senator Inhofe and I are not alone on this bill.

Instead of what Rush said about Inhofe being the one vote against it, the fact is that by Inhofe being added as a co-sponsor he is the catalyst for all the Republicans but one to vote for the Whitehouse-Inhofe amendment.

Rush also got it wrong when he said that Republicans didn’t agree with the premise that it’s man-made, and that it’s man causing it. He could not reach that conclusion if he considered the two amendment votes that followed the vote on the Whitehouse-Inhofe amendment. The first amendment said that climate change is real and human activity contributes to it. The second amendment said that climate change is real, that climate change is caused by humans and principally by carbon pollution.

Since Harry Reid was not there to cast a vote there were only 43 Democrats and 2 Independents who needed 15 Republicans to vote with them for the first amendment to have the 60 votes required for approval. The roll call vote was 59 Yes and 40 No, and the amendment was rejected because Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders voted against it with 39 Republicans. There were 15 Republicans who voted for this amendment. Obama would be happy to sign the Keystone bill if he gets to have his carbon cap and trade bill passed in exchange for signing it, and he came within one vote.

The roll call vote on the second amendment was 50 Yes and 49 No. The 43 Democrats and 2 Independents voted Yes along with 5 Republicans. Five Republicans is a significant number, because that is all that is needed to have a simple majority of 51 votes for any climate change legislation passed under reconciliation.

We don’t think Rush deliberately got it wrong, but this is an example of the need even with Rush to always question the narrative. The five Republicans who voted for both of the amendments about climate change caused by humans include:

Lamar Alexander TN
Kelly Ayotte NH
Susan Collins ME
Lindsey Graham SC
Mark Kirk IL

The fifteen Republicans who voted for the first of two amendments that climate change is real and human activity contributes include:

Lamar Alexander TN
Kelly Ayotte NH
Susan Collins ME
Lindsey Graham SC
Mark Kirk IL
Bob Corker TN
Jeff Flake AZ
Orrin Hatch UT
Dean Heller NV
John McCain AZ
Lisa Murkowski AK
Rand Paul KY
Rob Portman OH
Mike Rounds SD
Pat Toomey PA


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