Rock Star Baby

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I have always seen myself as the rock star type, it has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. So when I came off the streets, I decided to pursue it a little bit, in the only way I saw open to me at the time. Going to bars, drinking whiskey and singing karaoke.

I had no idea how to sing, so I started with stuff I could shout and still sound like I knew what I was doing, which pretty much amounted to ACDC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Once I got my confidence up I moved on to standard rock gems by the likes of U2 and John Mellencamp and Elvis.

hobo-membershipBelieve it or not, this is a spiritual story, you never know when God is going to show up in your life, but he seems to appear the most when you are doing things you enjoy, even if those things are things other folks might consider immoral. Actually God is always there but I tend to notice more when I working from my heart and not my head.

I was in Canter’s Inn one night. A local establishment that actually has its own zip code, despite being sort of a hole in the wall. Anyway I was at the bar having a beer when I had the thought, “illusion,” like everything I was experiencing was not real, then I shifted into what I call the God zone, a spot where I was sort of beyond my mind self and into the spirit so to speak. When I entered the spirit zone I had the thought, “reality,” like the spiritual was the truth of things and the world was the illusion.

You are all a lot bigger then you think you are, or have been told you are. You are a being that exists beyond your thoughts and emotions a being capable of mighty things. Sort of like Christ telling folks they must be born again, I assume he means letting go of our thought based minds, our ego’s in other words and engaging our spirit on a full time basis.

Well the transition can take some time. Trust me I am not dwelling in the kingdom of heaven on a full time basis.  I have many hellish days filled with anger and doubt, but over the last five years my life has improved a whole bunch based on the level of peace I feel and the amount of joy in my heart.

Anyway that night at Canter’s inspired what I consider one of my better metaphysics: What you think is real, is only imagined, and what is truly real is better than you could ever imagine.

You got a secret dream you want to pursue? Well ask God for some help and go for it one small step at a time. I ain’t a rock start yet, but I ain’t dead yet either, and I got a whole mess of songs written. What is your dream? I say go for it, I bet Christ would too. Don’t worry about your age either, hell, I’m fifty.

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