Revoke citizenship of American terrorists!

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An American born citizen can have his citizenship revoked for swearing an oath of allegiance to another “country” or for serving in the armed forces of a “nation” at war with the United States.  Congress should immediately, and at long last, add another action: consorting in any way with terrorist groups out to kill all Infidels.

For what reasons are they waiting?

15-0105 Obama FriendsThe world is on alert now for increased activity by our Islamic extremist enemies.  They are among us in America.

No, that is not all Muslims, but the radical ones.  The so-called peaceful ones are either not really peaceful or they are frightened to stand up to the radicals among them.  The ones who support the radicals should be deported.  We need to revoke citizenship of American terrorists!

Islamic Terrorism is the phrase which dare not be spoken by our President.  Democrat Representative Barbara Lee has declared that calling terrorists ‘Islamic extremists’ would anger them.  Perhaps she is right, but our refusal to convert to Islam makes them even more angry.

Our President lived in Indonesia during his formative years. Perhaps he has educated Lee about Islamists.  He lived in Indonesia from the time he was six years old until he was ten.  This is apparently where he heard the Muslim Daily Call to Prayer, which he has described as one of the “prettiest sounds on Earth”.

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White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, last week reported that President Obama has “a moral responsibility to push back on the nation’s journalism community when it is planning to publish anti-jihadi articles that might cause a jihadi attack against the nation’s defense forces”.


Wrong response, Josh.  They attack our forces because we are all Infidels.  We don’t need to curtail our right to free speech.  We need to revoke citizenship of American terrorists!

A Federal Attorney warns that negative posts against Islam could get us prosecuted and imprisoned.  We are becoming afraid to speak out about that which would eventually kill us.

The FBI knows of up to 22 paramilitary Islamic communes (terrorist training camps) in the U.S.  Since the groups are not designated terror organizations, police can do little but monitor their activities.  So designate them as terror organizations!  We need to revoke the citizenship of American terrorists!

We have heard of the various atrocities of the Islamists, as they are truly barbaric: burning down a school filled with students, shoving gay people off of tall buildings, taking girls as sex slaves, public crucifixion, stonings and beheadings.  Any American citizen who trains in their countries should not be allowed back into America – and we need to revoke their American citizenship!

When the world called for a public demonstration of support for free speech and a protestation of Islamic terrorism, our President did not show up.  One and a half million people were demonstrating in Paris, along with forty world leaders… Obama could not be bothered.




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