Republican Congressmen Sell Out Voters and Support John Boehner!

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I can’t figure out which disgusts me more – the selling out of conservatives by John Boehner or the selling out of conservatives by conservatives?

The latest vote for Speaker of the House is just one more example, in a long train of them, proving that the GOP has turned a deaf ear to their constituents.

From Eagle Rising:

Whatever is happening in the halls of Congress is broken. Almost 65% of GOP voters wanted Boehner out as Speaker of the House, and yet… only 25 Representatives (out of 246 Republicans) chose to listen to their constituents and vote against Boehner.

Can you honestly tell me that when 65% of your voters want something and just 10% of their “REPRESENTATIVES” vote for it, that the systems isn’t broken?

Let me narrow things down a bit and focus in on my local corner of America. Georgia.

In my home state, we have two newly elected Representatives, Mr. Jody Hice and Mr. Barry Loudermilk. Both talked a big game about their opposition to John Boehner. But when the rubber met the road, neither of them followed through. Both men voted for Boehner.

The Hill expected both of these freshmen Congressman to vote no as well.

Rep.-elect Jody Hice (R-Ga.) — Expressed dissent against Boehner when the House GOP Conference held its leadership elections in November.

Rep.-elect Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) — Freshman said he’d stand up to Boehner.

Jody Hice’s example, in particular, hurts because he took over for the honorable and liberty minded Dr. Paul Broun as the representative from Georgia’s 10th District. In 2013, Dr. Broun was one of the few men to stand up and speak out against John Boehner and he would have done so again had he not tried to win the Senate seat of retiring Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.

I would venture to guess that this won’t be the first time we Georgians experience some remorse at losing Paul Broun and replacing him with Jody Hice.

Sadly, not a single Georgia Congressman stood up to the establishment. Not a single George Republican spoke for their constituents and voted against John Boehner.

In fact, EVERY SINGLE Georgia Representative voted proudly for John Boehner – in spite of the will of the people who voted for them.

Buddy Carter from the 1st District – voted for Boehner.

Lynn Westmoreland from the 3rd District voted for Boehner.

Tom Price from the 6th District voted for Boehner.

Rob Woodall from the 7th District voted for Boehner.

Austin Scott from the 8th District voted for Boehner.

Doug Collins from the 9th District voted for Boehner.

Jody Hice from the 10th Distrcit voted for Boehner.

Barry Loudermilk from the 11th District voted for Boehner.

Rick Allen from the 12th District voted for Boehner.

Lastly, and most heartbreakingly… my Congressman, who I’ve written many good things about in the past but have recently come to doubt, Tom Graves from the 14th District, voted for Boehner.

The entire Republican delegation from Georgia voted to support a man who has recently worked hand in hand with Barack Obama and the establishment of both parties to push a progressive and economically disastrous agenda. Our “so called” conservative Representatives in Georgia have SOLD US OUT.

But we in Georgia aren’t alone, because most of the rest of the country is in the same boat.

Your “so called” conservatives sold you out too.

But there were a few who voted with the people.

CLICK HERE for the (very short) list of HERO’s who voted against John Boehner on Tuesday.

 continue reading at Eagle Rising

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