Puff Puff Pass Is A Felony

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I do not know where you stand on the legalization of Marijuana but I am interested.

Some studies claim that marijuana is a “gateway” drug and other studies claim that it is not. I have met both. Meaning, I know people that you and I look at as upstanding citizens: teachers, coaches, tradesmen, white and blue collar alike that enjoy smoking a little pot. These people pay their bills, have a retirement, play with their kids and fulfill all their responsibilities as an adult.

I have also met the people that can’t handle it. They lose jobs, have no plans for the future (other then to get high) 30 years old living in their parent’s or friend’s basement. If they vote, they vote Democrat (I’m pretty sure their vote is drug induced). 🙂

Remove marijuana and insert alcohol in the above statements and I don’t see much difference. I guess what it comes down to is some people can “handle” it and some people can’t.

The state of Washington has made it legal for its residents to buy and smoke pot. What they have not done is get rid of some of the silly laws surrounding pot.

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Say you’re having a real nice night with your sweetheart and decide to delve into a little bit of legal weed. You and your pal are in bed and you light up (joint or bowl or vape or maybe a nibble of an edible) … well, you better not pass your stuff to her/him cuz in Washington state that’s felony distribution.

Possession with the intent to pass the joint/bong/edible to even your legally married significant other is 5 years in jail and $10,000, on top of lawyer fees and disqualification from pretty much all federal programs as well as good luck getting a job.

Well, you say, no one would bust into my bedroom and arrest me!

Yeah (or at least “probably”), and that’s the point.

Having that law on the books in Washington is insulting and worse than nonsense. It’s the kind of law we scoff at and that undermines our respect for the law and police. As lawyers say: It’s not a good thing in theory to have felony laws if you intend for the transgression to happen. You want to legalize the things you want to be legal and not rely non-enforcement of laws in the long term.

… and remember that classic scene from Saturday Night Live?



What are your thoughts? Should puff puff pass be a felony? If pot is legal, and you are “of age” and a consenting adult shouldn’t you be able to make your own decision?



Have they made a huge mistake and pot should be completely illegal?

Please leave comments, I am interested in your opinion.

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