President Obama’s Name Should Be ObaMEEEEEEEEEE!

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We think it’s a given that politicians – all of them – are more than a little narcissistic.  Our current President takes that to new heights.  He manages to make everything about him.

When Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died, our President celebrated Armstrong’s life with this picture.

As you can tell by the ears, that’s a picture of Barack Obama staring up at the moon.  Obviously, Neil Armstrong’s life and his accomplishments – “One small step for man…” – were focused on his sure knowledge that he’d make an impact on Barack.  Or something like that.

Last week, the President was in India, and it appears he was practicing Foreign PoliciMEEEEEEE.  He gave a 33 minute speech.  Here’s three minutes that summarizes the President’s foreign policy and his life.

Thirty three minutes, 118 references to ME!  That works out to one reference to himself every 17 seconds.  Sigh.

We were offended when, at the beginning of his first term, President Obama was driven to apologize to the world for about everything America has ever done and everything America stands for.  We’ve come to the conclusion, six years later, that our next President owes the world another apology.  For the eight years we gave the highest office in the land to a man whose nearest redeeming feature is narcissism.

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