President Obama: “Black Lives Don’t Matter”

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Actions speak louder than words Mr. President.  A lot louder.  And everything you – and your administration – does says, “We only care about dead black kids that fit our agenda.”  Black lives don’t matter one bit to our President, to Eric Holder, or to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  Unless they were killed by a white cop (or neighborhood watch member) while committing a crime.

Let’s look at some recent history.

Trayvon Martin.  A young black wannabe thug, in trouble at school, with a juvenile criminal record.  Attacks a neighborhood watch volunteer and is trying to kill him when he’s shot.  The President says, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”  Now, we’re willing to believe that given all the facts.  The Department of Justice sends teams to Florida to incite riots.  The State of Florida appoints a special prosecutor with long history of trumped up prosecutions and the man who shot Martin is acquitted by a jury of minority women on grounds of self-defense.  The Department of Justice still has an open case trying to find civil rights violations against the innocent shooter.

Michael Brown.  A young black wannabe thug with a juvenile criminal record and a criminal record for robbery and assault as an adult.  He robs a store, assaults the store manager, is stopped a few minutes later by a cop, he tries to take the gun and assaults the cop.  Finally, he charges the cop in an attempt to take him down and is shot and killed.  In self-defense.  The Department of Justice sends over 100 civil rights lawyers and FBI agents to investigate.  The White House sends three representatives to the funeral.  The officer is not indicted by a local grand jury, the Missouri Governor refuses to deploy the National Guard to protect property and people in Ferguson, and rioting ensues.  It looks like the Department of Justice will likely drop civil rights charges against the officer who shot Brown, but they’re pursuing action against the City of Ferguson.

Those two lives matter a lot to Al Sharpton and the White House.  What they don’t give a damn about are the roughly 11,000 black men who were shot between the night Trayvon Martin was killed and the day his shooter was found not guilty.  They don’t give a damn about them because they were shot by other black men.

Sharpton and the White House don’t give a damn about 19-year-old JaKela Foster, 24-year-old Latecia Fox, or 26-year-old Cameron Harris of Omaha, Nebraska either.  They are the latest three members of the black community to be shot down by other blacks in their own community.  There isn’t likely to be any “justice” for these three young people either.

While crowds of rioters and looters chant “no justice, no peace” and hold up signs demanding justice for Brown and Martin – who got exactly the justice they deserved – there won’t be rallies for JaKela or Latecia or Cameron.  There probably won’t be an arrest made either.

As many as 50 people were in and around the small home when shots were fired “by multiple shooters” around 2 a.m., Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said. No arrests have been made, and police said they were confident the shootings were gang-related.

The vast majority of people at the scene refused to help police, the chief said during a news conference Saturday evening. He said he understood witnesses’ fear but pleaded for them to come forward.


The White House doesn’t give a damn about JaKela or Latecia or Cameron. Al Sharpton doesn’t give a damn about JaKela or Latecia or Cameron. The people at the party in Omaha who knew them don’t give a damn about JaKela or Latecia or Cameron.

Until that changes Mr. President, until that changes Mr. Attorney General, and especially until that changes members of the “black community,” don’t whine to me about “racism.”


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