Preschooler Handcuffed, Shackled and Taken Away for.. Being a Preschooler?

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What gets a a four-year-old preschooler at an elementary school handcuffed, put in leg shackles and taken by a sheriff in a squad car to the police station in Virginia? Stealing the principal’s computer?

Holding the class at bay with a gun? Selling stolen goods? Nope!

Schools passing simple discipline to law enforcement has become an epidemic. Our children are being handcuffed and arrested in our schools on a regular basis.
Schools passing simple discipline to law enforcement has become an epidemic. Our children are being handcuffed and arrested in our schools on a regular basis.

All it takes to get you a record at 4 years of age at Nathanael Greene Primary School  in Stanardsville, Virginia is a temper tantrum!

According to the Rutherford Institute: “C.B. was removed from the classroom after allegedly becoming agitated and throwing several items onto the floor.

School personnel then telephoned C.B.’s mother, Tracy Wood, who indicated she would come and get the child.

Although school personnel knew C.B.’s mother was en route to NGPS, they called in the school’s resource officer, a Greene County deputy sheriff, to confront the preschooler.

The sight of the law enforcement officer reportedly only served to agitate C.B. further. Instead of employing positive reinforcement, a bear hug or some other method of control appropriate for children, the officer escalated the situation by treating the 4-year-old as if he were being arrested: handcuffing C.B. and transporting him in a police car to a Greene County Sheriff’s office.”

As reported by GOPUSA, “The incident was all but swept under the rug until The Rutherford Institute sent a written protest to the school in December, challenging the disturbing disciplinary measures taken against the student.”

I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident, but it is more like an epidemic! A quick Google search of “child arrested at school” will give you an unnerving plethora of incidents where the schools, instead of handling their problems in-house, are instead, wasting taxpayer resources by passing the buck.


The parents of an autistic boy are suing his school for having him arrested last February. A 6 year old student was arrested in Georgia in 2012 for a temper tantrum. LewRockwell reported on10 Disgusting Examples of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed and Brutalized By Police”. Who could forget 8th grader Jared Marcum being arrested for wearing a 2nd Amendment shirt to school and refusing to allow a rogue teacher to walk all over his 1st Amendment rights.

It is definitely a huge and increasing problem, but the cause is actually quite alarming! An easy illustration will point out the real problem we are having. Fix it, fix the problem.

Any educator knows that first year teachers, being new and inexperienced, tend to send a lot of children to the principals office. As they grow and become stronger, they learn how to deal effectively with most discipline problems within the classroom. A strong and experienced teacher rarely has to send basic problems up the chain of command and are able to handle most situations themselves.

For decades, schools handled most problems “in-house”. Somehow, over the last couple of decades, we have hired a LOT of inexperienced and inept school officials who can, like that first year teacher, no longer handle the basic problems that arise when they are educating students. These school officials, instead of handling these situations in-house, have resorted to passing the problem on to the tax payer via law enforcement. School officials who are unable to handle basic discipline problems such as this one should be asked to immediately resign based on incompetence. Fire a few administrators and you will find the rest finding the ability to handle their problems on their own.

I encourage you to contact Ms. Emily Dooley, principal, and express your feelings on the matter: [email protected] 


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