The Party This Dad Threw For His 18-Year-Old Daughter Is The Definition Of Bad Parenting

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There’s a right way to raise your kids, and there’s a wrong way.

Hosting a Playboy themed party for your teenage daughter and her underage friends definitely falls under the latter.

While I’m all about young people taking personal responsibility for their own actions, when a parent does something this stupid, it reminds me the reason some kids make so many foolish decisions is because their mom and dad have done a poor job of bringing them up.

I mean how in the world could a father think this kind of party was acceptable?

From EAG News:

A California father was arrested and cited for a social host ordinance violation after police allege he hosted an underage, Playboy Mansion-themed 18th birthday party for his daughter and 200 friends.

Police found two teens passed out unconscious and numerous others drinking alcohol when they responded to neighbor complaints about an underage drinking party on Camino Del Valle in an upscale Poway neighborhood last Friday, 10 News reports.

The shin-dig was organized as a “Liv’s Playboy Mansion” party to celebrate the 18th birthday of Poway High School student Olivia Lake, daughter of Jeff Lake – a medical marijuana attorney who was home when police arrived, according to the news site.

“They arrested Olivia’s father … and charged him with violating Poway’s social host ordinance,” 10 News reports. “That ordinance makes it illegal to host a party where underage individuals consume alcohol. It comes with a possible 6-month jail sentence.”

I’m flabbergasted by this, I really am.

Anyone with a shred of morality, decency, or common sense would know this kind of thing is not only inappropriate, but highly illegal. If a person is underage, they can’t drink. Simple.

What kind of message is he sending to his daughter and other young ladies by allowing them to parade around in their underwear, getting drunk? Is this not in some way telling his daughter, the little girl he helped create and bring into the world, that it’s okay for her to be treated as an object?

It’s sickening.

This dude has to be some kind of pervert. I just don’t see any other justification beyond sheer stupidity for allowing this little shindig to go on.

I hope Lake get’s the book thrown at him for doing something so horrendously immoral and plain out right stupid.

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