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Obama Administration’s War on Freedom


Damn that Second Amendment.  The Obama administration has declared open war on freedom.  That’s probably not news to you, but we’ve got proof today.

“Operation Choke Point” is a Department of Eric Holder’s Idea of Justice program to shut down banking services to businesses that are prone to fraud.  Things like “get rich quick” schemes.  They’ve expanded the program to include things they don’t like.  And there’s not much they like less than guns.

Banks all over the country have been shutting down accounts of gun stores for the last several years.  They tried it here in Arizona to a fantastic gun manufacturer, American Spirit Arms.  They fought back, along with another Phoenix gun manufacturer, McMillan Group.  They finally got the American Banking Association to comment.

[T]he American Banking Association, the industry’s advocacy group in Washington, said businesses deemed “risky” will be frozen out of the financial system if the Justice Department continues Operation Choke Point because the regulatory burden and risk of investigation will be too great for less-specialized banks to bear.

We’re being threatened with a regulatory regime that attempts to foist on us the obligation to monitor all types of transactions,” Richard Riese, a senior vice president at the American Bankers Association, said in the April 28 issue of American Banker. “All of this is predicated on a notion that the banks are a choke point for all businesses.”

The Obama administration, of course, denied that they were targeting gun stores or the Second Amendment.  They are lying.  You can hear the audio tapes of the conversation between the Wisconsin gun store owner and his credit union here.

Two years and four days to go.


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