Not a Good Day to Be an Elected Democrat Power Broker

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This week it’s looking like the ball is going to drop on two Democratic power brokers back East.  And, it couldn’t happen to nicer people.  This post covers the Big Dog, we’ll have another post up about the little poodle later today.

New York Governor Mario Cuomo may think he runs New York State, but the guy who’s really run it, and run it for decades, is one Sheldon Silver, the Democrat Speaker of the Assembly in New York.  Nothing happens in New York government that Silver hasn’t signed off on.  And apparently gotten paid for.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the longtime Albany power broker, surrendered Thursday to face multimillion dollar federal corruption charges, the Daily News has learned.

A stunning five-count indictment accused the Manhattan Democrat, a state political fixture for decades, with pocketing more than $6 million in bribes and kickbacks in return for wielding his massive influence.

Silver stands accused of pressuring real estate companies doing business with the state to hire two law firms that were regularly paying him bribes, the 35-page indictment charged.

Sheldon’s going down on this one and it’s going to raise all kinds of hell in New York politics.

How do we know Sheldon’s going down?  First rule of Kings.  If you’re going to attack the King, make damn sure you kill him.  The guys who have picked this fight understand that rule.

So long Sheldon, it would be nice if they’d put you in Attica but we’ll settle for a whole bunch of years in even a cushy federal pen.  Or Gitmo.



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