NEA Funds “Dead Cops NOW!” Group


We’re long on record as being opposed to the National Education Association (NEA).  They are nothing short of an enemy of the state.  Some of our readers think we’re a little over the top on that call. We’re not.  Today’s story will demonstrate, once again, that the NEA is Public Enemy #1.

The NEA is funding a group in Wisconsin called Wisconsin Jobs Now, a group that has nothing to do with education – so it’s not “for the children” – rather, they are an anti-Scott Walker front group that, when they’re not demonstrating against one of the best governors in the nation, are organizing angry, anti-police protests.  The same kind of people who are marching shouting for dead cops NOW!

This racist hate group is primarily funded by the NEA and another public employee union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  According to reports, the NEA was their only funding source in 2014, putting up $125,000.

The group’s cause celeb lately has been one Donte Hamilton, a black, mentally ill man who was sleeping on a park bench, was confronted by a white (of course) cop, attacked the cop, and was killed.  Here’s the tone of their website, in a feature titled “14 Reasons Why I Can’t Breathe.

1. I can’t breathe because Wisconsin is the worst state for Black people.
2. I can’t breathe because Wisconsin leads the nation in incarceration of Black men.
3. I can’t breathe because of the widening income inequality here.
4. I can’t breathe because of lack of transit access.
5. I can’t breathe because of the defunding of public schools.
6. I can’t breathe because of the lack of a living wage.
7. I can’t breathe because of the lack of good health care access.
8. I can’t breathe because of high infant mortality.
9. I can’t breathe because of generational poverty.
10. I can’t breathe because of segregation.
11. I can’t breathe because of inadequate childcare.
12. I can’t breathe because of white supremacist capitalism.
13. I can’t breathe because of environmental injustice.
14. I can’t breathe because there is no justice for Dontre Hamilton

We’re not even going to bother to deconstruct the magic 14, other than to note that when blacks stop attacking cops it’s likely they’ll stop getting shot.

Anyway, once again we have to say, “Hell of a job NEA!”  We enjoy the fact that they leave no room for questions about their agenda, and once again, they prove it’s NOT “for the children.”  So to the National Education Association, we once again say:


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