National Education Association: Enemy of the State

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The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest union in the nation, representing public school teachers.  They are Public Enemy #1 when it comes to educating our children.  As an example, they are the loudest proponents of Common Core and they will fight to their dying breath (hopefully) against school choice.

It’s school choice we’re addressing today.

In a nutshell, school choice is allowing private schools to compete with public schools.  In most jurisdictions they’re called charter schools because they receive a charter from the state.  They are funded with public money just like public schools but they have much more freedom in their curriculum and work rules, as a result the vast majority of charter schools are non-union.  That’s why the NEA and Democrats hate them.

A new study was just released in Texas on school performance.

[The study] finds a Taxpayer Savings Grant Program, a statewide universal school choice program under consideration by the Texas Legislature, offers important benefits to both Texas school children and the state’s economy.

At a news conference Wednesday, Jan. 7, Texas Association of Business CEO Bill Hammond spoke of the Texas workforce facing a skills gap. He contended post-secondary education is essential and the public school system is graduating neither enough students, nor enough who are career or college-ready.

That conclusion is arguable only by people who have a financial agenda in keeping money flowing to public schools and the NEA.  In New York, arguably the state with the best public school system in the nation, 80% of New York City high school graduates require remedial math and/or reading to attend community college.  Community college.

When it comes to universal school choice, taxpayers, employers, kids and the economy win, Hammond said.


Citing Texas as having a “moral obligation” to ensure every child has equal access to educational opportunities, Campbell spoke of how no child should be trapped in a failing or chronically under-performing school though “sadly we know there are.”

“Too often kids are forced to attend school based on their zip code,” Campbell said. “Allowing parents to choose the schools which best meet their child’s needs is the best way to level the playing field between the haves and have-nots.”

Interestingly enough, the “it’s for the children” party, the Democrats, fight school choice at every opportunity, fighting, generally, against parents in minority neighborhoods who are smart enough to realize that public schools have failed their children.

Hopefully, Texas will pass statewide school choice and we’ll have an opportunity to see the improvement in Texas school performance.  A side benefit is that the NEA will lose members, lose member dues, and have to reduce their payoffs to Democrats.

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