Monster Lake for Monster Trout

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written by Montana Matt

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the crowds and catch big fish. At Monster Lake Ranch you can do just that. It’s a place to get away and have some great times with your friends, family or just by yourself.

fullsizerenderIt’s located just outside the amazing town of Cody, Wyoming. (Map of where Monster Lake Ranch is)

Cody, Wyoming is a great place to spend a couple days and I would highly suggest doing so. You have the Buffalo Bill museum which is one of my favorite museums. In the summer you can enjoy the Rodeo every night of the week. It is also, only 50 miles away from the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Don’t forget to eat at the Rib and Chop house when you are there!! You’ll love it! Best steaks and great atmosphere.

When you decide to book a trip to Monster Lake Ranch you’ll be amazed with the hospitality and willingness to make your day the best day it can be.

They have two ponds at Monster Lake Ranch.

Quick Lake is full of Brook Trout up to 4lbs but don’t be surprised if you hook up to a 10 lb brown trout though. Quick lake has some surprises to give you at any time.

Monster Lake is the one that I go straight to when I go. It has Rainbows up to 12 lbs to catch and Brown trout up to 10 lbs. It is an amazing fishery that generates huge fish from the Monster Scuds, prolific hatches, and flathead minnows that are in these waters.

My cousin Steven best described this Lake by saying, “This is just ridicolous” He said this after catching his 10th or so rainbow between 5 lbs and 8 lbs. Enjoy our video from a day at Monster Lake this October 2014.

Monster Lake Ranch is amazing, in the fact they only let a certain amount of people fish the two lakes in a day. This is nice because it will guarantee you a day of solitude and peace, without worrying about, if your favorite stretch of water is already taken. There is nothing worse driving to your favorite water and see another person fishing the hole, you so wanted to fish. So Monster Lake Ranch respects that and only allows a low number of fly fisherman on the lake a day.

img_6724You can fish this lake by yourself or have a (hand picked guide for the day) that knows the lake very well. It’s still fishing and not a place where you will catch a fish every cast. Sometimes it is slower than other times. If you have never fished Monster Lake Ranch I highly suggest getting a guide. It can make you go from a 2 fish day to a 40 fish day (if the fish are cooperating) cause like I said it’s still fishing and not just catching.

You can choose to use a drift boat or choose to wade. I like the drift boat option because I just love the feeling of being on the water. If you choose to wade, don’t worry, you’ll still have a great opportunity to catch a lot of fish. A lot of these fish are beach cruisers and just cruise around the lake eating. So keep your eyes peeled and you’ll have a chance to do a lot of sight casting.

I hope you make it out to Monster Lake Ranch and experience this amazing place for yourself. You can make it a day trip or stay at the ranch in one of there many cabins and make it a few day trip. Just make sure you stretch a lot and do some curls before hand. You’ll need the extra muscle reeling in those big fish!

Book a trip by clicking this link or to find out more information about this amazing fishery: Monster Lake Ranch Contact Us Page. 

Here is a little bonus information for you. Here are some great flies to fish with while you’re at Monster Lake Ranch from Catch Fly Fishing.

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