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Meet a Die-Hard Republican Since the Age of 8-Years-Old: Now He’s 12 & Will Blow You Away!


CJ Pearson is pro-life, believes in limited government, and is fiscally conservative. He wants to abolish the IRS. He describes the corporate tax rate as “crippling” and “inexcusable” and is for the complete elimination of the state minimum wage. He’s also 12.

CJ Pearson is challenging age barriers that keep his peers out of politics.(Photo: Jon-Michael Sullivan/OZY)

CJ Pearson is challenging age barriers that keep his peers out of politics.(Photo: Jon-Michael Sullivan/OZY)

Although his parents are democrats, he has considered himself a die-hard Republican since age 8.

He is 12 years old!

This young man spends spends around 40 hours weekly concentrating on political items like putting up yard signs and making phone calls for GOP candidates. He tirelessly pushes his local representatives to pay attention to own legislative ideas. He has been writing his political blog since he was only 8.

Did I mention that he is in Middle school?

CJ also founded Young Geor­gians in Government and serves as executive director. YGG’s cause is to lower the age restriction to be elected to the  House to 18 as well as lower it to  21 in the Senate in his home state of Georgia. CJ is ready to run!

He had to take an unexcused absence from school to attend the press conference where State Sen. Josh McKoon announced his sponsorship of a resolution to enact C.J.’s constitutional amendment.

He has even been “Twitter blocked” by Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed for voicing his opinion of a highly controversial decision the Mayor had made. Now that is a proud achievement!

Listen to this well spoken young man for yourself as he is interviewed by The Takeaway. Impressive!

To get more story about CJ, be sure to see Nick Fouriezos‘ post in USA Today/OZY

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