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Media Bias? No, This is Media Stupidity


MSNBC is so far beyond “media bias” in their commentary it’s not funny.  After you watch this, it won’t be questionable either.

On their MSNBC show “Now With Alex Wagner,” First Look Media’s Eric Bates compared the murder of 12 people to a lawsuit filed in the 1980s by Jerry Falwell against Hustler magazine.

Got that?

Let’s see.  Falwell goes to court, sues Hustler magazine.  He wins in the lower court.  Hustler appeals, the appeal goes to the Supreme Court.  The Supremes overturn the lower court decision, deciding in favor of Hustler.

As we recall, Rev. Falwell, then pastor of the Virgina mega-church, Liberty Baptist Church, went to the pulpit and demanded that his parishioners grab their guns and storm the Supreme Court, Godless bunch that they were.  Oh yeah, he didn’t.

Murdering people who disagree with you is the sole province of Muslims.


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