Marine Donates American Flag, Vandals Burn It

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Why would you burn the American flag?

The American flag is sacred. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. To this day I get goose bumps when I hear the Star Spangled Banner played and I salute the flag. Tears come to my eyes for the many men and women who laid their lives on the line for me to have Freedom.

When the children of this country don’t understand the many sacrifices that people make every day for them, we have failed.

H/T eagnews

A Marine was nearly reduced to tears when he discovered the American flag he donated to a school lacking one had been burned by vandals.

First Sergeant Reginald Daniels donated a flag to Oregon’s Brattain Early Learning Center when he discovered its flag pole was bare.

A few days later, the school called, asking him how much it cost.

“They needed a price tag on the flag,” Daniels tells KVAL, “and I was like, ‘Why do they need that?’ And they said that the flag was burned.”

He went to the school and visited the teachers.

The Marine says someone burned the flag and left it flying at half-staff.

“Some of the teachers kind of teared up a little bit and then they took me in to the back room and showed me the flag that was burned,” Daniels says.

“I was lost for words,” he said, choking up, “to see that someone had pulled the flag down off the pole and burned it.”

Undeterred, Daniels gave the school a new flag.

“The flag represents something a lot bigger than all the military services,” he told the news station.

“We put the uniform on to protect it, so that you and I and the little kids in the school can have something better. “It’s bigger than you taking the time to burn the flag in our own country.”


Parents, you have a responsibility to teach your children love of country! They will not learn “love of country” in school, or from the media and unfortunately, not from our politicians.

With all the bad things happening in our society, America can not afford to be divided.

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