Kindness is the Real Fast Food

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We have so few cultural cues that remind of us to think of God as we go through our day, be it Christian or otherwise, it is a shame really. There should be some fast food industry based on kindness..

It was  winter in North Texas and that usually means stretches of cold air out of Canada blowing through your clothes and chilling your bones. During one cold stretch the wind was combined with some freezing rain and snow.

The roads were slick and dangerous and not many folks were out and about.

I was bedding down behind a tire store when I felt some dread move through me. I had a very warm sleeping bag, but my feet were wet, which wasn’t the problem, I did not have any dry socks for the morning  and it was ten degrees out. The ones I was wearing were soaked through and smelly to boot. I had type 2 diabetes at the time and my feet used to shed shin pretty quickly and really gunk up my socks.

whopperSo I was worried about what they hell I was going to do in the morning. I slept fitfully that night and at first light, I headed to McDonalds. I do not remember if I pulled those socks on or just my shoes, but my feet were very cold after just 100 yard sprint. I say sprint but it was more of a fat man, quick shuffle.

At that time I rarely went into business’s, and if I did, I just quickly grabbed what I wanted and left in a big hurry. Well that day I did not have any money and felt bad about going in just to get warm. I was sure someone was going to kick me out, but I was going to warm myself for as long as they would let me.

Well to my surprise one of the employees, a pretty young blonde woman, brought me some food, that she had bought. I was grateful for the food, but the look on her face was the real medicine. She looked like she cared about me, and I had not seen a look like that in a long time. Now this was at a time when I did not care about myself, not one little bit and was pretty sure no one else did either;  she unthawed my heart some.

Well I stayed until my feet were warm and dry, some other folks slipped me a little cash and I was glad to know I was going to make it through that cold day without having to scramble too much for food. I also bought a new pack of socks up at Target which I was extremely grateful for.

Because of that kindness I risked going in and sitting down in that McDonalds more often. The blonde woman continued to be very kind, slipping extra food into my bag and actually talking to me now and again. I even watched the Super Bowl on their big screen that year. Fast food workers were always good to me for some reason, they know struggle I guess, don’t we all.

A owner of a Chick-f-lay in Alabama, Mark Meadows I believe is his name, made the news recently for some sweet acts of kindness for a homeless man. It choked me up a little bit, cause I knew just how that homeless man felt, he was incredibly grateful even if he maybe couldn’t show it.


I was glad it was Chick-f-lay as well, cause they get a lot of grief based on assumptions alone. I remember stopping by there on a Sunday one time and found out they were closed. It warmed me a little to know not everybody in our culture is about the all mighty dollar all day every day.




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