Katherine Heigl Sends Out Tweet That Will Make You VERY Happy If You’re A Gun Lover

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When you typically think of the pro-gun crowd, it’s highly unlikely that famous actress Katherine Heigl’s face pops into your mind.

In fact, probably no one hailing from Hollyweird–the land of the fruits and nuts–strikes you as being a gung-ho Second Amendment supporter, which is what makes Heigl’s latest tweet so mind blowing.

From IJReview:

Every once in a while, though, you hear of an actor or actress who takes their craft seriously. In the case of State of Affairs star Katherine Heigl, she is preparing for the action sequences in the show in a responsible and professional way.

She’s going to practice her shooting abilities at the most logical of places: A gun range.

Now, I know she’s only going to practice because of her new television role, but who’s to say she won’t develop a deep love and admiration for firearms in the process?

Also, the fact that she’s going to the range to learn how to handle her weapon demonstrates that she obviously cares about gun safety, which will hopefully inspire others to brush up on their skills and safety practices.

The bottom line is that any time a celebrity puts aside their liberal ideology for a brief moment to try something out of the box like learning to properly handle a firearm, it’s cause for celebration.

Let’s hope this mentality spreads across Hollywood and all of culture.

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