Jimmy Fallon Sticks His Foot in His Tweet

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Echoing the nonsense of simpleton Al Sharpton, Jimmy Fallon tweeted, “This year’s Oscar nominees are so white, they just became the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination.” Uh… has he seen the frontrunners for the Democrats?

As Michelle Malkin tweeted in reply to Fallon, “2016 Democratic frontrunners: the whiteness burns.”

Jimmy FallonMore importantly, has he seen those in contention for the Republican Party? Jimmy, allow me to introduce you to black Republicans Ben Carson and Allen West.

And have you met Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal: Indian.

Surely you must have heard of Hispanic Ted Cruz since he’s the Republican liberals love to hate.

Yes Jimmy’s a comedian and comedians use politics as funny fodder, but Jimmy’s tweet didn’t bring the funny, it brought the stupid. And the simple. And the foolish. Typical. Insinuating or outright claiming Republicans are oppressive racists is the default joke or “argument” of the left. It’s a childish approach and it’s void of all logic. And comedy.

I am the first to laugh at Saturday Night Live skits poking fun at all politicians – when done with intelligence and wit. As an SNL alum Jimmy should know why a joke or parody works.

First, the parody should have its roots in a nugget of truth. Then expand, go big and take it to the extreme. So as not to be accused of bias, I’ll provide examples making fun of Republicans that I found extremely funny.

When Tina Fey as Sarah Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house” I had a hearty laugh. Why? It stemmed from this nugget of truth: in an interview with ABC News Palin said of Russia, “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

Tina Fey did a spot-on imitation in the embellishment and comedy ensued. Sadly, the fools that believe they are getting news from the likes of SNL and Jon Stewart still walk around claiming that Sarah Palin actually said “I can see Russia from my house.”

Equally funny was Will Ferrell as George W. Bush saying “strategery” because we all know this little nugget of truth: President Bush… struggled with many words. Ferrell’s and Fey’s parodies were funny because they jumped off a platform of truth into a pool of hysterical embellishment.

Fallon jumped off a platform of nothing into a pool of emptiness. He began with a conclusion: Republicans are racist. Therein lies the rub. One cannot begin with a conclusion. But he did, as many liberals do. Without any evidence they accuse an entire political party of racism. They make claims not only without supporting evidence, but they omit refuting evidence.

Another comedic culprit is Chris Rock when in December he tweeted:Chris Rock "diversity"

Rock’s conclusion: Fox News is not racially diverse. His “proof:” a picture of all the white blonde employees and contributors, insinuating that Fox News ignores minorities. Ironically, it is Rock that diminishes the importance of minorities since he completely ignored the many employed by Fox News. He neglected to include in the picture black women, Harris Faulkner, Staci Dash, and Jehmu Green, black men David Webb and Jason Riley, black and Hispanic Juan Williams, and Indian woman Uma Pemaraju – to name a few. Of course Rock couldn’t include them because it would have delegitimized the conclusion he started with. In his attempt convict Fox News he dismissed and insulted the hard work of the minorities who rose to the heights of contributing to the most successful news network on the air.

Fallon and Rock are comedians, but they are also charlatans making political statements that uninformed sheep swallow hook, line and sinker – forgive me for mixing metaphors. They attack people’s character without any proof whatsoever. They believe their proof is their conclusion. The conclusion they reached long ago without seeking any proof. I’ll take liberal logic for $1,000, Alex.

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