It’s Racist Right Wing Media Bias That’s Hurting the President

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We all know the media is biased against the President, and we all know that the bias stems from the fact that he’s black. Well, half black anyway. And they don’t like that. Those white reporters at CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, they’re all racists.

How do we know that? Well, just listen to the unfounded and unfair criticism leveled at the President over the weekend.

Andrea Mitchell should be ashamed of herself. The President has always gone out of his way to help her out with interviews when she needed ratings. Ungrateful bitch she is. And the rest of them! The FCC and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Eric Holder’s Justice should be investigating the networks.

The President can’t be just flying all over the world to street demonstrations. It’s unseemly. Marching down a street, in Paris of all places. His presence at that demonstration could have caused the Muslim world to misunderstand our affinity as a nation for the Prophet Mohammed. Peas be upon him. Why those guys in ISIS who are obviously masquerading as Muslims might be offended and take it out on our troops, poor defenseless waifs that they are.

Not to mention, President Obama would have missed the NFL playoff games. We wonder if he’s going to attend the Super Bowl. After all, Phoenix is a lot closer than Paris and there will be fewer people to worry about in the University of Phoenix Stadium than there were in the streets of Paris. That will make the Secret Service happy.

Makes me angry to be an American that the major media would take these cheap shots at our President.

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