“Israel’s Voice”, A U.S. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Launches New Site: Educational & Action-Oriented

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REGARDLESS of one’s personal affinity for Israel, the fact remains that America and Israel’s fates are intertwined. Why? This is because both are the twin pillars of western civilization, much more so than Europe, aka Eurabia.

IN this regard, the above is precisely why America is tarred the “Great Satan”  by the Islamic world, and Israel is its “evil” twin cousin, the “Little Satan”. And those who think they can decouple one nation from another, well, fantasy land is a better option.

THEREFORE, “Israel’s Voice” is geared in a mutually linked direction.

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Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

One People | One Nation | One Voice

 With all of the chaos encircling the globe – resulting from Islamic-driven soldiers seeking to impose Shariah law upon the west – the emergence of Israel’s Voice is more than efficacious. Timely.

Indeed, it is a distinct honor to be on the Board of Directors of Israel’s Voice http://www.israelsvoice.org/…..http://israelsvoice.com/ .

Founded officially in 2014, Israel’s Voice has long been instrumentally active in building a coalition of grassroots volunteers, leaders, and organizations.

A natural outgrowth of our mission, Israel’s Voice (as a nonprofit) was forged to expand our outreach and capabilities through multimedia and direct approaches.


Michael Mendelson, Lisa M. Goldstein, Adina Kutnicki, Donny Kligman, Cema Milicich, Ram Lubranicki and Grissell A. Gallegos.

In this regard, Israel’s Voice, its raison d’être, dovetails with a guiding principle of my life –

” If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when? “

  —Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14 Pirkei Avot

Resultant, we are a “match made in heaven”.

Yet, before you click onto our site (linked above), I would like to take this opportunity to tender a special thank you, a shout out, to Lisa M. Goldstein – a fellow Board Member – on behalf of our entire team.

Sans her design prowess, her keen visual eye, and (most significantly) her Herculean efforts, the final product would not be as awesome as it is.

Lisa, take a much deserved bow. As we say in Jewish circles, יִישַׁר כֹּחֲךָ ….yishar koḥakha…may your strength increase !


                                       OUR MISSION

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and to everything else housed within our site, rest assured, its components are not meant to merely serve as academic exercises, as important as they are. Rather, our Mission is to inspire and embolden those who support Israel, through educating, promoting, and raising worldwide awareness about past, present, and future events related to the Jewish nation, and to – most importantly – TAKE ACTION!


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