Islamic Terrorists Ready in America: FBI’s Disturbing Video of ‘Hard Proof Homegrown Radicals Are Among Us’

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The FBI has released what should be a terrifying video for all Americans in light of the recent attacks in Paris – and no less than ABC is actually reporting on it.

You should be aware of this, being that it’s probably the tip of the iceberg where the FBI’s investigations are right now. While President Obama is busy doing who knows what and the rest of the Administration twisting itself into pretzels trying not to call the terrorists what they are – jihadists roam free in America as we speak.

Here’s proof – Hat tip / Free Beacon:

The recent events in Europe are matched by a growing anxiety in the United States about homegrown terror. ABC News had exclusive video of an FBI sting to take down of a homegrown radical. Amine El Khalifi, is a Moroccan national who lived just outside Washington DC and had plans to carry out an attack on members of Congress.

Khalifi believed that the war on terror was a war on Islam. He conspired with an FBI agent, after they were tipped off by an associate, who posed as Al Aqaeda. The FBI recorded everything, his admission that he wanted to go into a public place to wanting a bigger bomb.

Khalifi even went to a rock quarry to detonate the type of bomb he believed he would use on the Capitol. “Brother, this is not strong enough man,’ Khalifi said after the bomb detonated.

In February 2012 Khalifi was arrested two blocks away from the Capitol building trying to put on what he thought was a suicide vest.

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