ISIS Begins Radical Indoctrination Fresh Out Of The Womb With These RIDICULOUS Beanies

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Islamic State nutjobs apparently like to start corrupting the minds and souls of their children the moment they pop out of the womb.

Many supporters of the radical Muslim group have been using the power of social media to promote the idea of indoctrinating their children with their Jihadist views by posting pictures of babies wearing ISIS beanies.

These people are truly disgusting.

From Breitbart:

Supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) have continued to use social media accounts to promote indoctrination of children by faithful jihadist mothers. Recent trends seem to indicate a higher use of imagery of little girls wearing Islamic State gear and supporting the terrorist “caliphate.”

In one example, an account known to support the terrorist group congratulates a family on their daughter and claims the family will soon be full of Islamic State soldiers. The newborn baby wears an Islamic State beanie on her head.

This isn’t the first time these cretins have posted propaganda featuring children being prepared to wage “holy war” on all of us “infidels.”


Unfortunately, these poor kids are being used as pawns to further a vicious, deadly, and utterly disgusting agenda perpetrated by evil men and women who want to destroy anyone who holds different beliefs from their own.

It’s a travesty to say the least.

What’s worse is that these little ones will be raised to be future Jidhadis ready to blow themselves up, behead others, and do all kinds of unspeakable evil, thinking it’s completely normal since they’ll not have exposure to any other way of life.

How many more reasons do we need before we start taking stronger military action to wipe this evil organization off the face of the planet?

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