Hobo Metaphysics of the day: Ten Minutes, Ten bucks? Why not both?

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Lots of folks don’t like to give homeless folks money, afraid of how they will spend it, and honestly I ain’t got nothing against that.

This part of Idaho, well around summer harvest, the beauty is unsurpassed. Peas, lentils, barley and wheat fields scatter against the mountains with the yellow of canola brightening things up and making the bees and butterflies happy.

I am 30 miles from two of the countries top agricultural schools; Washington State University and the University of Idaho. I am not a fan of big agriculture, or big anything for that matter, they have run roughshod over the little guy to the point the little guys that are left are barely breathing.

hobo-soupA friend of mine who works at a local coffee shop is headed up to WSU to work on a pilot farm. I wondered if maybe they were maybe going to grow some stewardess’s  too.

Now I got a little flack on facebook for that joke being sexist so if you want to go ahead and insert flight attendants for stewardess’s, be my guest.

Optum 2013 Presentation

I am finally learning to enjoy a slower pace, taking my cues from the natural world around me, nature does not seem to be in a big hurry to do anything, and I ain’t either. Not after all those years of living in a constant state of fight or flight on the streets. I read late, take long bathes, visit too long and give my girlfriend as much affection as she can stand. I spread affection to other folks as well, it just feels good to do and it helps me trust the good feelings in my heart will be received.

My small church has decided to fill a gap in community services here in the valley. There has been no  feed for the hobo’s and struggling families for the last year or so on Sundays. We are going to have a soup and sandwich feed from 3-5 starting in a couple of weeks.

I was over hanging out at a homeless day center this morning, that has been up and running for about a year. A man and his wife from the local Nazarene Church got it going. Very low key, come in get some coffee or some breakfast, warm your cold bones and relax for a visit or some TV time.

Lots of folks I think want to help out with the homeless and others that struggle. Passages that tell us this is a good thing, abound in the Bible. “How can a person say they have God in them, see a brother or sister in need and do nothing to help.” That is from the letter of John. I used to get pissed off in a lot of places that help the homeless, they seemed to have a pious we are better than you attitude, and you should be very grateful indeed for their help.

“My friends if you have faith in our glorious Lord Jesus, you wont treat some people better than others.”  That is from James  and he goes on to say if we do so we are acting like a, “crooked judge.” From my personal experience you should treat a homeless person like someone who just came out of a war zone. That is kindly, sweetly, affectionately, like a favorite brother or sister or son or daughter.

Water, and clean socks are always in short supply, so take some with you to work, or better yet just stop and chat with a hobo, just like they are a real person. You will be shocked about how good you are going to feel. Now there may be a hobo or two that are a little gun shy in the talking department, you may get the bird instead of a smile, but be persistent in your search for your kindness.

Hobo Metaphysics of of the day: Give a homeless person ten dollars but also give them ten minutes. Peace to you folks, feel free to ask some questions if you like or send me a friend request on facebook.


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