Here’s What a Moderate Muslim Sounds Like

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We keep hearing about “moderate Muslims.”  Typically, we’re hearing about them from Muslim apologists who insist that there is no link between Islam and terrorism.  Like there’s no link between icy sidewalks and slip and fall injuries.

Yasir Qadhi is supposedly one of those “moderates.”  Here’s what he had to say about the murders in Paris.

American Muslim scholar Yasir Qadhi wrote on Facebook, where he has 500,000 followers, in a strange condemnation of the Paris terror attack. “Under NO circumstances does Islam allow vigilante justice, for to open this door leads to chaos, confusion and bloodshed.”

So Qadhi’s problem with the attack is not that the French cartoonists were murdered, but that they were put to death before going through a formal process where they would almost certainly be ordered to be put to death because, according to him, a “unanimous consensus of ALL the scholars of Islam” say that blasphemers should be killed.

He’s only condemning the shooters in Paris because they acted extra-judicially.  They didn’t have an Imam – somebody like Qadhi – hear evidence and pronounce a death sentence on the Parisians.

There are those, including our last two Presidents, who insist that Muslims are good and peaceful people.  It’s interesting that neither of them, or any of Islam’s other apologists, will try to reconcile that belief with this simple fact.

This isn’t some fringe belief in the Islamic world, mind you. In 2013, Pew Research conducted a poll of several Muslim majority countries. While it didn’t ask whether respondents thought blasphemers should be put to death, it did ask if respondents thought those who decided to leave Islam should be put to death, which is a pretty good proxy. Majorities in Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, for instance, all thought a person should be killed for converting to another faith or renouncing Islam altogether. Even a majority of respondents in supposedly moderate Malaysia thought this.

Muslims have been butchering and enslaving their neighbors – and each other – for 1,400 years.  They’ve added nothing to society at large, with the possible exception of medical advances in the removal of a clitoris, over those 14 centuries.

If you’re paying attention, it’s obvious that the difference between a “radical Muslim” like bin Laden and a “moderate Muslim” like Qadhi is simply one of process.  The radical Muslim wants to butcher you.  The moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to butcher you.

Will the West ever get a clue?

It’s well past time to stop Muslim immigration into the West and see what we can do to reverse it.  Let them sit on their sand piles and slaughter one another.  If they try to encroach on a non-Muslim neighbor they should be made to pay a price, just like the price the Germans paid at Dresden or the Japanese at Hiroshima.


Islamic barbarism likely won’t stop until the Muslim part of the world resembles this.

We would rate that as appropriate.


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