Here’s a DREAMER for you

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DREAMERs.  You know, those Mexicans who’ve come across the border seeking a better life for their families.  The people Attorney General nominee Lynch says have a “right to a job” in the US.  The people that Democrats want a “path to citizenship” for.  Today’s post is about one of them.  Apolinar Altamirano.

Apolinar is a hard working guy who’s been in the US since at least 2012 and he’s notched a solid work history.

Apolinar Altamirano, 29, pleaded guilty in 2012 to a burglary charge…

[T]wo injunctions against harassment were issued against him in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. An injunction against harassment is similar to a protection order.

In one order, a woman accused Altamirano of threatening to kill her several times and of pointing a gun at her boyfriend…

A solid citizen.  Just the kind of guy Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and pretty much every Democrat wants to live next door to you.  In the name of diversity.

If you’re not a little irritated yet, how about this.  When Altamirano plead guilty to the 2012 burglary the prosecutors knew he was an “undocumented worker” but he didn’t spend one day in prison.  He wasn’t turned over to ICE for processing and deportation.  He was released.  And there’s more.

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement took Altamirano into custody on Jan. 3, 2013, after learning of his conviction in Maricopa County in Arizona. But after reviewing his case, ICE found he was eligible for bond, a spokeswoman said in a statement issued Monday.

“After reviewing his immigration and criminal history, which showed only this conviction, ICE determined that under applicable law Mr. Altamirano was eligible for bond. Mr. Altamirano posted a $10,000 bond on January 7, 2013.

Our new neighbor was arrested by ICE but since he only had one little burglary conviction they cut him loose on bond.  While he was out on bond he pointed a gun at his neighbor and threatened to kill her.  The state gave her an order of protection but couldn’t be bothered to pick him up.  ICE had better things to do too.

Burglary in Arizona is a felony.  Even out here in the wild west where you can carry a firearm without a permit, it’s illegal for a felon to possess a gun.  That’s a felony.  If you’re out on bail, it’s a violation of the terms and conditions of your bail.  Again, our good hearted but misunderstood neighbor walked.

That brings us to last week when Altamirano went into a convenience store for cigarettes.

Police say [Altamirano] dumped change on the counter from a jar to pay for cigarettes while repeatedly telling [store clerk] Ronnebeck, “You’re not gonna give me my cigarettes.” Then, the assailant pulled out a gun and repeated the same statement — even as Ronnebeck tried to hand him a pack — before opening fire.

The victim was shot in the face.

Altamirano was arrested after a pursuit across much of the Phoenix area that ended with a crash.

This time around Altamirano has been denied bail.

Perhaps when Loretta Lynch is confirmed as our new Attorney General she can have ICE post bail for him.  Or maybe President Obama can just pardon this poor, misunderstood, undocumented worker.

And perhaps they can console his young victim’s family.

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