Here is Your State Department in Action!

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Jen Psaki is the State Department’s mouthpiece.  She is living proof that you can not have a brain and hold a high ranking position in the Obama administration.  Not that you needed living proof after six years, but Ms. Psaki does, we feel, embody the farthest reaches of the term “stupidity.”  She is proof of Einstein’s comment…

Today’s episode in mind numbing centers around the change in US policy toward Cuba.  “Normalizing” relations in return for Cuba opening up their society a tad.  Cuba agreed to release 53 political prisoners in exchange for opening up economic ties to the US.  The names of those political prisoners have not been released, and the State Department, under the able direction of John Kerry, Traitor & Secretary of State, will be moving to normalize relations in about two weeks.

Given that back drop, at yesterday’s press conference there were questions about the progress that’s being made getting those prisoners released.

Pressed by AP State Department reporter Matt Lee, Psaki ‘psplains: “This is something they’ve agreed to. I would point you to them for any updates on the number of people or the people have been released.”

“THEM” would be the Cubans.

A commenter on YouTube sums up our opinion of Psaki in just a few words.

Couldn’t have said it better.



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