Help a Fat Kid Eat?

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All types show up on the streets, here is a story about a fat kid from back East.

Nick showed up about three weeks ago, a big, sweet faced kid with diabetes, he is thirty but looks a lot younger. He sat and, or lay on the ground in front of Starbucks flying a sign that read, “Help a fat kid eat,” which made me laugh.

Besides the diabetes he has some major back problems. He was laying on the sidewalk one night completely covered in blankets and I was a little concerned to see him there late the next morning, reeking of the pisses, he could not get up to take. I think he might have been playing a sort of co-dependent game with a buddy he had met named Chris.

Chris had promised a hotel room for the two of them, but was backing out a little because he found a girl that wanted the hotel as well. I checked in with him several times, asking if he wanted to go to TPI to shower, or to the hospital. He said his back was out, but that it had happened before and he would eventually be fine, just laying there guilting the shit out of his friend.hobo-membership

Well eventually a Chinese lady called the ambulance and they treated him for hypothermia and dehydration and let him go. Recently we have bonded a bit over cigarettes and I have grown to like him.

If he is telling the truth that gentle boy face is masking a pretty violent past. He has a bullet lodged in his spine after getting shot by his sister’s boyfriend. The boyfriend was beating up his sister so he beat the shit out of him, as he was walking out the dude managed to fire a shot from the couch.

His family, he told me, is Sicilian, and I imagine him and his sister bonded tightly after taking a lot of shit from the parents. Here is the part that is difficult to believe, but it looked emotionally true when he told me. He killed three guys that were raping his sister. “The cops couldn’t do anything about it because it was in my house and self- defense.”

This incident caused a family rift and is partly why he is on the streets. The punch line does have some humor, “They thought I went a little too far.” he said about the killings. Despite the violent past, he is just kind of a big kid, looking for someone to love him.

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