Golden Globes Speech Hollywood Isn’t Interest In: [VIDEO]

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Marriage, Faith, Hard Work, Family and two parents: Try selling that to Hollywood..

… believe me, they don’t want to hear it.

But it’s exactly what they heard at The Golden Globes when the great Michael Keaton got up to accept the award for Best Actor: “My name is Michael John Douglas. I’m from Forrest Grove, Pennsylvania.

I’m the seventh child of George and Leona Douglas. And I don’t ever remember a time when my father didn’t work two jobs, when my mother wasn’t saying the rosary or going to Mass or trying to take care of seven kids in a rundown farmhouse as she was volunteering at the Ohio Valley hospital where I was born — in a hallway.

“My best friend is kind, intelligent, funny, talented, considerate, thoughtful. Did I say kind? He also — he also happens to be my son, Sean. I love you with all of my heart, buddy.”

Wow – does he even know what Party he’s in?

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