Gender Studies

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There is another trans-gender kid in the news; he threw himself in front of a truck, left a note saying society needed to be fixed.

The streets are full of people with gender identity issues, many abandoned by their families and out cast from their home towns. One young man I know works as a prostitute, he is very sweet natured and extremely shy. I would have never guessed he was a man, and in fact flirted with him on occasion, I have a flirty nature you see; until someone told me she was a guy anatomically.

I had gender issues myself. If you are molested by someone of your same sex, before puberty, well, it can confuse the mind a little about what sex you are.  My attacker pinned me down and dominated me thoroughly, not letting me up no matter how much I resisted. I have regained confidence in my maleness, but it has taken a lot of work.

hobo-soupChrist talked about God the father and I imagine most of Christianity pictures God this way.

But God is also a mother as personified by Mary, mother of God. To me God is simply a presence, not a concept well beyond both male and female but containing attributes of both and infusing all of life.

In my mind it ain’t ours to judge anyone for anything including how they express their sexuality.

Treat them all like they are human I say, because they are. I have never met anyone who doesn’t resist someone else trying to fix them. We will do well for ourselves if we except people as they are and leave the fixing, if it is needed, to them and God.

This is a story one street person who had it extremely rough in childhood and is trying to make sense of the world based on that trauma.

Anna has long, striking red hair, undeniably thinning but still lovely. I met her this summer, she was wearing a halter top and a long colorful skirt. She may have obsessive compulsive disorder, or just environmentally friendly, because she was cleaning the shit out an area around the garbage can I was digging through. Anna is also a man and a heroin junkie.

At one point in her life she was a cutter, both arms contain some pretty serious scars. She is proud of the scars, feels like they are truth telling, in other words she is not trying to hide her pain to make others feel better.

I told her I had some gender issues after being molested and wondered if maybe she did to. She admitted to being molested and other abuses like being locked in a closet for days, but said she always felt like she was a female.

I ran into her about a month ago she was going to an NA meeting and was off the heroin at that minute. She said I could stay in her apartment on occasion if I needed to shower or just rest. I was non-committal as I didn’t know whether it was a sincere offer or someone wanting to get in my pants.

Anyway she must have some male energy in her as well, because I ran into her a couple of days ago and he had a red beard to match the hair and was going by the name John. He actually looked pretty happy and must have been still off the dope, but send a few prayers her/his way anyway, would you?

Hobo Metaphysics of the day: There are no male characteristics, there are no female characteristics, there are only characteristics.

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