When You Find Out What Movie The New England Patriots Cancelled Practice To Watch, You’ll Cheer

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With the playoffs and Super Bowl rapidly approaching, one would think every NFL team who made it in would be spending their time practicing, running plays, and watching hours of film to prepare for a shot at the championship.

Not the New England Patriots.

Coach Bill Belichick decided to cancel practice on New Years Eve and took the team out to see a movie. Normally, this wouldn’t be any big deal, but the particular movie he took them to watch is simply awesome.

From TheBlaze:

But that’s exactly what they did New Year’s Eve, when instead of forcing them to work up a sweat, head coach Bill Belichick treated the team to a private showing of “American Sniper,” about late Iraqi War vet Chris Kyle. The film’s director, Clint Eastwood, had already contacted Belichick and asked him to bring the guys along, the Boston Herald reported.

The players didn’t seem to mind the decision.

“It’s cool to be able to see the Navy SEALS and their team with your team. You can draw some comparisons between the two and it’s a team-building kind of experience,” fullback James Develin told ESPN.

Tight end Michael Hoomanawanui said he didn’t know a lot about the movie going in other what he had heard everyone else say, but said it was a “great film to see.”

“It’s just the passion for his country, and the guys next to him, that he had; and the dedication, the will, and the fight,” Hoomanawanui said of Kyle.

So I’ll be honest. I’m not a Patriots fan. Not even a little bit.

To me the Patriots are like the Yankees, an evil empire who’s downfall I relish with reckless abandon and utter joy.

That being said, seeing Belichick take his guys to see the movie and hearing their reaction to it definitely makes me hate them a little less. Notice I never said “like them.”

Chris Kyle was an American hero who saved countless lives during his time in the military, and deserves the honor and respect of every single person who enjoys and takes advantage of their freedom on a daily basis.

Hopefully the Patriots example will inspire others to go and check out this film about an amazing man.

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