Ferguson == Guantanamo

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That’s right, Ferguson is the inland version of Guantanamo, and the reason for both, that would be the so-called torture at Guantanamo and the so-called murder of black youth by cops, is that white people don’t care.  So, if you’re “reading while white” please take a moment and do penance.

There, don’t you feel better?  Actually, we felt better after shaking our head and snorting.

Anyway, the fools who are insisting that “Black Lives Matter” are now hand-in-hand with the fools who want Gitmo closed.  As we saw at Ferguson, those who support Muslim terrorists – namely supporters of the Palestine Authority, a virulent, anti-Semitic bunch of murderers – have decided to link up with the racial justice lobby of the The Revs.  This time though, their more overt about it, demonstrating together in Washington DC.

Nearly two dozen protesters from “Witness Against Torture,” a group dedicated to closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were arrested in the Capitol Building Monday afternoon, after demonstrating in the Senate gallery and the Capitol Visitor Center.


As the protesters were shouting in the gallery, 20 other demonstrators gathered in the lower level of the CVC, standing in a semicircle with a couple of demonstrators donning orange jumpsuits and black hoods. They rolled out two banners, one with the slogan, “From Ferguson to Guantanamo, White Silence = State Violence.”

The protest sought to draw a connection between recent unrest over policy brutality to what they say are unlawful detentions at Guantanamo. For the group, institutionalized racism is the link between the two movements and permeates domestic and foreign prisons.

“For us it really is about how our system of enforcement of security targets people of color, people that are black and brown,” Miller said. “And so we felt strongly that the men that are — what they’re experiencing in Guantanamo, our brothers and sisters of color are also experiencing that in the U.S.”

Let’s be clear before we go any farther.

  1. The “enhanced interrogation techniques” used on the terrorists housed – for the moment anyway – at Gitmo are not torture.  US military forces who go through SERE training are treated in exactly the same manner to prepare them for capture by enemy forces.
  2. The individuals being held at Guantanamo are terrorists.  Of those released, well over 30% have gone back to active terrorist cells.
  3. The “black youth” that are the focus of the demonstrations that reference Ferguson or “I can’t breathe” were thugs, and the cross section of “black youth” who are killed by police are typically resisting arrest and are assaulting police.
  4. The murder problem in the “black community” is NOT cops killing “black youth” it’s black youth killing black youth.  Police kill roughly 200 people per year.  Black thugs kill about 6,300 blacks every year.

The obvious conclusion here is that The Revs racism industry has found a new partner in the terrorist enabling movement.

Neither group want to face the fact that their problems are internal not external.  In the case of the racism industry, the “black community” needs a scapegoat to excuse the fact that the murder rate and the rate of violent crime in their “community” is about eight times higher than in their neighboring white communities.  It can’t be that they’ve chosen to adopt a lifestyle of thuggery, so it must be because white people are holding them back.  Even though white America elected a black President twice.

In the case of the terrorist enabling community, the issue is that Muslims have been butchering or enslaving their infidel neighbors for 1,400 years, taking only an occasional break to either butcher one another or to focus on removing the clitorises of their women who MUST be kept from driving a car.

The “religion” founded by a pedophile prophet is based on violence and subjugation.  The only way they’ll stop butchering their neighbors is a show of overwhelming force and our government – both Democrat and Republican administrations – are not disposed to do that.


The point of all this is to understand that the worldwide terrorist networks are now finding cause with the racism industry.  It’s going to be an interesting decade…


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