EXCLUSIVE: Peaceful Muslims Take to the Streets Protesting Terrorism


Finally, we’ve got exclusive footage of Muslims – the moderate kind – taking to the streets of Paris protesting terrorism in the name of Allah.  It’s about time the Religion of Peace showed their true nature.

Your Curmudgeon has been very critical over the years of Muslims because it seems they barely pay lip service to separating themselves from Muslim radicals and terrorists.  This exclusive footage from today’s demonstrations in Paris against Islamic terrorism, led by Imams calling for fatwahs against terrorist acts and calling the radicals who are terrorists anti-Mohammed and anti-Muslim.

It’s about time.

Says it all, doesn’t it.  You’re seeing every Muslim in Paris, and probably the world, protesting against terrorist and standing for peace with those the “radicals” call infidels.

Makes you feel better, right?

Video footage credit:  Claire and Maxime from Menilmonde


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