Everything You Need to Know About John Boehner


Absolutely everything.  If you’re still harboring delusions that John Boehner is a conservative of any stripe, sit down before you read this.

Republican aides say House Speaker John Boehner was “elated” after he worked with President Barack Obama to push through the amnesty-funding 2015 budget in December, according to a profile in Politico, an establishment media outlet in Northern Virginia.


“Obama personally called Boehner to say thanks. … Boehner was elated over the deal, and offered praise for White House chief of staff Denis McDonough,” said the fawning profile, which hides the deep ideological split between the GOP’s anti-establishment and corporatist wings.

Any questions?

You can call your Congresscritter and urge them to vote for anybody but Boehner for Speaker.  Eight Members have committed to vote against him, we need 20 more to force a second round vote.

There is no reason to believe that John Boehner will fight Barack Obama’s agenda.  He hasn’t for six years, and he’s been openly antagonistic to conservative Members.  It’s time for a change.

(202) 224-3121

Please stop whatever you’re doing right now and call.

Thank you.


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