Eric Holder and the DOJ Had Truth About Ferguson Hours After Michael Brown’s Death: Holder and Obama Lied..

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This President and Attorney General Eric Holder knew within hours of the Michael Brown shooting that there was clear and indisputable evidence that no murder, no excessive force, no brutality and no racial motivation was involved on the part of the white Officer who killed him. Obama and Holder lied, black folks died.

Holder’s own Department of Justice and the FBI conducted a joint investigation of the shooting and found that Darren Wilson’s claim of self-defense was overwhelmingly supported by indisputable physical and eye-witness evidence. Officer Wilson has been fully exonerated by Holder’s own agency and was privvy to it – immediately following the incident. Within HOURS!

HOLDER-OBAMA-AP PHOTO_0To be clear: Yesterday’s FBI/DOJ exoneration of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson means that there was ample and incontrovertible evidence that the white Officer  was innocent of all claims of racial animous and Michael Brown was guilty of grievously assaulting Officer Wilson – including trying to grab his gun.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder intentionally suppressed this knowledge, which is fine during an ongoing investigation. But the fact is, they had the information that Wilson was not guilty of murder, a bad shooting, assault, negligence or any such thing when they began publicizing a supposed civil rights violation along racial lines?

If they had to stick their noses in a local case, why didn’t they call for peace and side with law enforcement until the facts were able to come out? Or at least stay impartial – or stay out of it completely, like they do when a white is killed by a black, or a black is killed by a black?

Hear this again: Barack Obama met with Al Sharpton and other “leaders” (according to the NY TIMES) on “staying the course” of protesting and social unrest along the lines of race in the days running up to the grand jury decision in the case.

Let me repeat: They had strong evidence that no racial motivation was involved in Michael Brown’s death and they had it in front of them, immediately, it turns out. So why didn’t the people privvy to that information ask for calm, instead of fanning the flames of racial hatred for what is by their own investigation now, a clearly unjust reason?

Watch Michael Brown’s mom go ballistic – Obama and Holder must have loved this:

Al Sharpton and Eric Holder himself were deployed to Ferguson to get the Black V.S. White / Black V.S. Police / American V.S. American ball rolling. George Soros donated $33 million to social-justice groups to help mobilize protests in Ferguson, build “grass-roots coalitions” on the ground and develop a nationwide online and social media campaign.
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“The United Blackout” was bankrolled by a rich, white liberal Obama supporter which organized blacks in Ferguson into a pro-Communist / anti-Capitalist movement. Wtf?
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Members of the New Black Panthers had planned a serious of assassinations and terrorist attacks against several key folks involved in the Michael Brown case.
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The question is: Why did they dispatch professional civil unrest enablers, race-baiters and paid protestors to Ferguson – when they knew better?

I’ll tell you why:

We have more than race-baiters in charge – we have fascist wannabes willing to see people be assaulted, have their businesses looted and burned, police attacked and the nation divided along race – rather than tell the truth.

anyone see my big red nose?
anyone see my big red nose?

These are bad people. Bad, bad, bad. Bad for blacks, bad for whites, bad for everyone. You’re being had and the people in Ferguson who burned each other’s property, looted and in a few cases murdered each other paid the price. Obama and Holder lied, black folks died.

Of COURSE they let this out to the public on a Friday – makes it easier for their enablers in the media to ignore this too. Spread this around everyone. Do it now!

Did I mention Michael Brown was a strong-arm thug? That’s right. Thug. Criminal. Thief. Dead. Good riddance, gun-grabbing loser… The people of Ferguson, along with the rest of us are better off without your fat, lazy ass.

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