How We Enable Radical Islamists

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We enable radical Islamists by our actions and lack of actions.

There are 112 million radical Islamists who are trying to take over the world!  Many people say that only a tiny fraction of Muslims are radical terrorists.  Let’s look at the figures:

obama-and-islam Yes, only 7% of Muslims are radicals intent on killing all Infidels.  However, there are 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.  7% of 1.6 billion equals 112 million!  I would say that is enough of them to force us to take them seriously!

President Obama was forced to call the Paris executions an act of terrorism when the President of France called it terrorism.  Obama has yet to call it Islamic terrorism. Those are the words that will not be spoken.

Police on the scene were unarmed, and useless.  What were they supposed to do – ask sweetly that the terrorists stop?  What good are police officers, or Ft. Hood soldiers, when they are unarmed?  Unarmed police enable radical Islamists.

In another move which enables radical Islamists, the White House was quick to add that America needs to “redouble our efforts to explain the true tenets of Islam”.

We Americans would suggest that America needs to redouble our efforts to rid our country of these radical Muslims who want us all dead.  We need a President who will call it what it is, who will not declare the War on Terror to be over.  Perhaps we need to redouble our efforts of having the moderate and peaceful Muslims  speak out against and condemn those who they say are misusing their so-called peaceful religion. They are afraid of being killed for doing so.

In his book Audacity of Hope Obama wrote, “I will stand with them [Arabs and Pakistani Americans] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction“.  He was speaking against the Japanese interment camps during WWII.  Will he at least condemn the radical Islamists bent on the death of all Infidels?  The winds have certainly shifted in an ugly direction.

As recently as 2012, Obama gave a speech to the UN, saying that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”.  Yes, he also said it should not belong to those who slander Jesus, but he has done little to defend the rights of Christians and Jews.

In 2012 the White House actually condemned the judgement of the satire magazine for publishing “deeply offensive, anti-Islamic cartoons”.  Has the White House condemned as deeply offensive any of the affronts to Christianity and Judaism? Christians are being “butchered” in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State, yet Obama called ISIS a JV team.   Has Obama condemned their ongoing slaughter during his Presidency?


When the White House repeatedly and wrongly called the Benghazi murders the result of a homemade video which insulted Mohammed, he was telling Islamists that this would have been an understandable reason to kill.  Constantly warning Americans not to be prejudiced against Muslims in America promotes the idea in the Muslim world that we Americans are attacking Muslims here, which is just not true.

Releasing many radical Islamists from Gitmo, and attempting to close it altogether, will not keep Americans safe.  Some of those released go back to their battlefield, but Obama knows that, trading 5 of them in exchange for a probable deserter from our own military.

With Obama’s personal Kill List, he chooses which enemies to take out each day by drone.  That keeps us from gaining intelligence which might keep Americans safe from attacks.

Radical Islamists will strike again and again in their desire to have all Infidels in fear or dead!  We can see in Paris and London just what a blind eye and actions engendered by fear produce.


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