“Driving While Black” Obama Administration To Sue States Over Driver’s Licenses

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In an expansion of the legal theory that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist because it suppresses minority voting, the Holder Justice Department will be filing suit in federal court to stop states from requiring a photo ID to drive a car.  The DoJ alleges that states’ photo ID laws – Driving While Black – violate the Equal Protection Clause because it “burdens the rights of hundreds of thousands of the states’ citizens to drive,” and “the law does not advance a legitimate state interest.”

The argument focuses on the simple fact that public transportation is used mostly by minorities and use of public transportation is an undue burden because it dramatically increases travel time from home to work, suppressing minorities ability to work at a good job and maintain a good family life because of the unfair amount of time spent commuting vs white commuters.

In addition to the “family life” issue, the DoJ’s Division of Eric Holder’s Idea of Civil Rights will also be wrapping the theory that requiring photo ID on driver’s licenses also constitutes housing discrimination against minorities.  Forcing minorities to use public transportation violates their civil rights because suburbs are not typically served by public transportation and that denies minorities the ability to move to more desirable suburbs and away from the crime ravaged inner cities.  This also forces minority children into inferior inner city schools vs suburban schools.

You might think this is a bit of a stretch.  Well, it’s pretty much the legal theory that is used to attack voter ID laws across the country, the latest being Wisconsin.

Enacted in 2011, [Wisconsin’s] Act 23 requires voters to show one of several forms of photo identification before voting.


In Ruthelle Frank v. Scott Walker et al., and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) v. Thomas Barland, et al., the ACLU alleges that the state’s photo ID law violates the Equal Protection Clause because it “burdens the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of the state’s voters,” and “the law does not advance a legitimate state interest.”

The suit follows the well-worn scenario crafted by the liberal Brennan Center at New York University, which contends that requiring voters to prove that they are who they say they are before casting a ballot serves only to “suppress the minority vote.”

We’re sure the Holder Justice Department and the ACLU will be working hard to stop further discrimination against underprivileged minorities who can’t get photo IDs to drive or to purchase items like cigarettes and alcohol, or to board an airplane to enjoy a family vacation.

Photo IDs are racist.  They’re a symbol of white patriarchy.  It’s the plantation mentality.

This just has to stop.  The next protest movement should be “I can’t breathe vote!”

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